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This week I have watched:

  • 30 Rock 1x01-1x07. Collapse )

  • Bones 3x01

  • Burn Notice 1x01-1x04 Collapse )

  • Cane 1x01 Collapse )

  • Daily Show & Colbert Report x3 (About to be x4)

  • ER 4x01-4x10

  • Eureka 2x12 Collapse )

  • Heroes 2x01 Collapse )

  • HIMYM 3x01 Collapse )

  • Journeyman 1x01 Collapse )

  • My Name is Earl 3x01-3x02

  • Office 4x01 Collapse )

  • Tim Gunn's Guide to Style 1x04 Collapse )

  • Top Chef 3x13 Collapse )

  • Ugly Betty 2x01

  • Weeds 3x06-3x07 Collapse )

Poll #1062642 So, question of the hour:

Do you think I got any work done this week?


Collapse )

For possibly the first time ever I participated in one of those icon memes. Mostly because I was interested to see which icons I'd pick, and I coded it to look at them, so why not post it, right?
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Rebecaving myself

Qwyzzle once again has me enthralled. I just went to check on when I last posted about it, and it was over a year ago, and until a few days ago I still hadn't gotten past level 34. That was an entirely evil level. But I've been plodding along since then, making it all the way to level 61, and now I'm stuck again. OF COURSE.

Also, I don't think I could manage more than the occasional level without hints from the forum. It's HARD. /whine

And! I hate that I have to use IE for it. Though, since it's the only thing I use IE for I decided to make my last solved puzzle my home page.

It's really bizarre to be translating Conan and have a Swedish band as the musical guest, but not being able to translate Peter Bjorn and John into Peter Björn och John, because it's a band's name, not the members' name. Well, it is the members' name, but they made it into a band name. Okay, now I'm confusing myself with all these names.

I watched Collapse )

I'm still enjoying My Name is Earl, but mostly just on a superficial level.

Scrubs this season...I don't know, it's not doing it for me. Not even the musical (with the exception of Guy Love) did all that much for me.

Still liking Ugly Betty, though I will never understand why anyone would think Walter was a good character to have on the show. Can he just go away now?

Oh, also, Tim Gunn leaving Parsons for Liz Claiborne makes me anxious for Project Runway, but I'm trying to convince myself that Liz Claiborne would probably consider the show to be great publicity. Plus, the scheduling conflict for season 4 was Tim's commitments at Parsons, but now that's no longer an issue...
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Three out of four ain't bad

Posts I've been writing in my head for the past few days:

  • Where in the World is Logan Echolls' Head at These Days (An Exploration of Logan's Actions and Motivations in Wichita Linebacker)

  • Heroes: I Have a Theory

  • Fun Things You Notice When Watching an Episode 15 Times in a Week

  • Ugly Betty: Watch It, It's Pretty (picspam)

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TV whoredom

I watch way too much TV. Good thing Smith was cancelled. *deletes*

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I was really worried about the avi files looking like crap on my new TV, but they really really don't. In fact, they look amazing. I mean, as amazing as a downloaded file can look, anyway. I'm a very happy camper.

Yesterday I was waiting for a friend to call me back and tell me she was ready to go to IKEA, so I started translating an episode of Conan. The first two guests weren't all that interesting (I was crossing my fingers for John Krasinski, because I knew he was just on the show), but total score on the musical guest: The Decemberists! Yay!

I made a bunch of icons yesterday and today, and I uploaded them to my Scrapbook, where I promptly realized that it's impossible to find them (I do wish there were options for sorting images), so I created a new album where I'll upload all the new ones I make and then I'll move them after a month or so.