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I write LJ posts, therefore I am?

My job is so awesome sometimes. Like today, the Daily Show file was late so the translator and I made our own fun by having an extended email conversation using really bad translations of English idioms. (And I'm not even counting the fact that I get paid to watch The Daily Show. Every. Single. Day.)

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I am seriously obsessed with City Hunter, checking the Tumblr tag several times a day. I'm even to the point where I rewatch and notice things that make me want to write meta. Meta! About a kdrama! I don't even know, you guys, how come this drama is so GOOD?

Of course, I forget everything I want to say if I don't write it down immediately. Collapse )

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Since I last posted, I've...

  • Become a purse-oholic, with two new purses under my belt. Collapse )

  • Been to see The Proposal. Collapse )

  • Caught up with Eureka. Collapse )

  • Redone my laptop desktop using Rainmeter and ObjectDock. I'm only using standard settings, because I'm useless at this kind of stuff, Collapse )

  • Pretty much become obsessed with Ace of Cakes. I've watched every episode I could get my hands on, but it's not exactly the easiest show to find episodes of.

  • Come to the sad realisation that my new-found obsession with Eric/Sookie is the most fannish I've felt in years. Season 3 of HIMYM was a fannish high-point, sure, but it still didn't feel like THIS. I'm not sure how the hell this happened, and Collapse )

  • Been extra GLEEFUL about Glee, since hellopoe pointed out this complete version of Gold Digger that's viewable to non-Americans. (Thaaaaaank you!)

  • Realized that NEW TV is but a few scant weeks away (speaking of which, there haven't really been any leaked pilots this year, WTF?), and I've hardly caught up with any of the shows that I meant to catch up on this summer. I guess I'll just have to stay perpetually behind on my TV watching.