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Rebecaving myself

Qwyzzle once again has me enthralled. I just went to check on when I last posted about it, and it was over a year ago, and until a few days ago I still hadn't gotten past level 34. That was an entirely evil level. But I've been plodding along since then, making it all the way to level 61, and now I'm stuck again. OF COURSE.

Also, I don't think I could manage more than the occasional level without hints from the forum. It's HARD. /whine

And! I hate that I have to use IE for it. Though, since it's the only thing I use IE for I decided to make my last solved puzzle my home page.

It's really bizarre to be translating Conan and have a Swedish band as the musical guest, but not being able to translate Peter Bjorn and John into Peter Björn och John, because it's a band's name, not the members' name. Well, it is the members' name, but they made it into a band name. Okay, now I'm confusing myself with all these names.

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I'm still enjoying My Name is Earl, but mostly just on a superficial level.

Scrubs this season...I don't know, it's not doing it for me. Not even the musical (with the exception of Guy Love) did all that much for me.

Still liking Ugly Betty, though I will never understand why anyone would think Walter was a good character to have on the show. Can he just go away now?

Oh, also, Tim Gunn leaving Parsons for Liz Claiborne makes me anxious for Project Runway, but I'm trying to convince myself that Liz Claiborne would probably consider the show to be great publicity. Plus, the scheduling conflict for season 4 was Tim's commitments at Parsons, but now that's no longer an issue...
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I'm now square-eyed.

I've been starting to feel pain in my wrist, so I've tried not to use the computer so much this weekend. I said "tried". Since I bought a new external hard drive on Saturday (woohoo for tax refunds!) I've transferred over 20 GB of stuff from my work computer hard drive, which meant hours copying and deleting files. The funny thing is that those 20 GB are the bare bones of my file collection. I transferred everything I didn't need physically on this computer to my personal computer at least once a week. Remember when a 20 GB hard drive was considered huge?

I also tried capping, which doesn't actually affect my wrist, because I only use my left hand when I cap. Only, School Reunion was being a right bitch and crashing Power DVD left and right. Three days it took me to get that episode capped! But now the deed is finally done (well, except for the part where the files aren't all uploaded yet. It'll be done soonish). And of course this means I already capped Tooth and Claw. Oh, and I seem to have no restraint when it comes to Ten, so there are 700+ caps for every episode so far this season.

Now I only have The Girl in the Fireplace left. Joy! /sarcasm

I capped a couple of DLM episodes too.

In my adventures away from the eeeevil computer I also watched a boatload of TV. Um, mostly on the computer.

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I also polished off two DVD sets I've been working on: Law & Order: SVU season 1 (not bad for a procedural, and if I find other seasons for £15 I just might buy them) and Scrubs season 3 (which I'd already seen, but not since I got the DVDs).

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Funny how hate memes can make you rediscover your love for long lost OTPs. I was looking over the BtVS hate meme (I'm apparently a masochist. Ah, the things you learn about yourself online) and it was the same old "Spuffy sucks" and "Spike should have burned in hell" and "I can't believe Angel+Buffy4evah!!!!111!! didn't get their closure" and "season 6 blew, but season 7 was even worse" stuff. No surprise there, but my reaction to it was that these people must have watched a completely different show than I did. And then I felt slightly sorry for them for not having watched my show. Heh!

I think I made more Buffy icons these past few days than I have in the past few months. So, not really a GIP, but an IP at least.