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Why don't we start with this

Since I've been reading Arrow fic, I've been horrible at reading books, but I did manage to read the new Veronica Mars! Collapse )

As per usual, I'm still watching a ton of TV. Collapse )

And now I have to go outside and dig out my car. Fun!
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Fall TV Newbies

Let's just skip right over the fact that I haven't posted in months even though I've been here all along. What can I say, I just haven't had much to say that couldn't fit into 140 characters or less (i.e. I've been posting on Twitter, at least for the past month).

As per usual, I'll be trying a ton of shows once fall premieres start rolling around (I feel it's always best to try out a lot of shows since they rarely stick around for very long. Sure, I'm still watching a bunch of shows from last season - Orphan Black, Elementary, Chicago Fire, The Mindy Project, Veep, The Americans, Nashville - but only three shows from the year before - Homeland, Scandal and New Girl). Here's how it all breaks down:

Collapse )

Collapse )

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I also capped Iron Man 3 (Blu-ray)