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I've tried making an icon out of this scene since...well, since it aired. Now I'm afraid to go look at it on one of my two other monitors because about half of my icons are scrapped because they look like crap on one of my three monitors, and I'm thinking this one will probably be a dud too.

I also uploaded frame-by-frame DVD caps of that scene here. Because I am insane. And I (like to pretend I) have no shame.

I finally figured out a way for me to get through Prison Break: skip anything that has T-Bag, skip most of the things that have to do with any of the convicts who are not related by blood, space out during most of the scenes with the brothers, ignore Michael's Mary Sue-ish tendencies and watch in fascination any time Sara is on-screen.

I've been watching Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares this weekend, because nothing is more entertaining than Gordon Ramsay on a rampage. (Though why does he insist on changing into his work clothes on camera? Trust me, I do NOT want to see his flab.)

Mondays are a good downloading day.

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P.S. Is anyone else having issues with LJ? I keep getting errors.