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Project Runway, Project Catwalk, BSG, etc.

None of you guys are posting today and it's driving me nuts. Therefore, I will now be forced to spam you. Let's start with some TV talk.

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Project Catwalk
I also watched the first episode of the British version with Liz Hurley, but it's been two days and I can't remember it. Not a good sign. Also? The one thing I can remember is thinking some of the designs were downright ugly. However, the fact that they had to shop for materials at a DIY-type store makes me think that maybe, just maybe, things will improve.

Elsewhere on the TV front, I'm not really enjoying Gilmore Girls right now. The West Wing feels seriously stalled (though I have not yet watched last night's episode) and I wish they would just do something. Anything. I forgot to watch Scrubs last week, but I enjoyed the first two episodes.

I'm still very conflicted about BSG, because it feels like they're dropping the ball. Collapse )