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Keyboard shortcuts for the win!

I love keyboard shortcuts. If I had it my way I'd only use the mouse in case of emergency. I thought I'd list some of my favorite keyboard shortcuts, specifically Firefox shortcuts, Collapse )

The only reason I'm still watching Prison Break is because I'm...erm, "acquiring" it for a friend, which means I usually spend my entire time watching rolling my eyes so hard that they're at risk of falling out of my head, but please tell me I'm not the only one who was laughing my ass off Collapse )

I may actually catch up with FNL now that the season is over. I also intend to watch LoM season 2 sometime soon. Aaaand I "acquired" TAR season 2, just to see the Hong Kong episode again.

I'm thinking of making my TV watching and Capping calendars public, but the fierce warning of how they'll show up in Google searches if I do, and "are you SURE you want to do this?" scared me off.

sigrun linked this game the other day and I'm completely addicted to it.
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Long and pointless

You know, the car alarm that has been going off every 30 seconds for the past, oh, FIVE HOURS can just shut the hell up right now!!!

I hate people sometimes.

Since I doubt I'll be able to sleep I might as well write Collapse )

Shows I've watched:

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

Oh thank god, I think the car battery died.
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I've tried making an icon out of this scene since...well, since it aired. Now I'm afraid to go look at it on one of my two other monitors because about half of my icons are scrapped because they look like crap on one of my three monitors, and I'm thinking this one will probably be a dud too.

I also uploaded frame-by-frame DVD caps of that scene here. Because I am insane. And I (like to pretend I) have no shame.

I finally figured out a way for me to get through Prison Break: skip anything that has T-Bag, skip most of the things that have to do with any of the convicts who are not related by blood, space out during most of the scenes with the brothers, ignore Michael's Mary Sue-ish tendencies and watch in fascination any time Sara is on-screen.

I've been watching Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares this weekend, because nothing is more entertaining than Gordon Ramsay on a rampage. (Though why does he insist on changing into his work clothes on camera? Trust me, I do NOT want to see his flab.)

Mondays are a good downloading day.

Collapse )

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Collapse )

P.S. Is anyone else having issues with LJ? I keep getting errors.
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I'm about this close to being Internet obnoxiousness personified by starting to comment on every entry that uses the fake cut wrong. If you don't know what a cut is? You might not want to attempt a fake cut.

And FYI, a fake cut does not equal a link.

Well, it took forever, but The Office season 2 DVDs are finally shipping today. No chance of getting them this week, I suppose (unless I'm reeeeeeally lucky and they ship from Denmark), but next week is all that I expected anyway. 17 minute gag reel, here I come! Or perhaps that should be "here you come"?

This week I've downloaded so much I fear that my external harddrive will soon run out of space. And just to put that into context: I had 130 GB free this weekend. The tally so far:

Everwood season 1
Everwood season 2
Everwood season 3
Everwood season 4
Popular season 2
Project Runway 3x08 (it just showed up!)
Justice 1x01
Prison Break 2x02

Not to mention the music! And the DVD caps!

Collapse )

Collapse )

And now I'm off to watch Project Runway.

ETA: Collapse )

ETA2: Huh, looks like I'll get to see the Emmys after all since I'll be translating it. Yay?
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It's a joyous day for sure

I was all set to post about the Prison Break and Gilmore Girls finales when my flist exploded into a world of SQUEEEEE over the VM renewal news and I was sidetracked. Basically my reactions were, in order:



Whatever... Can it just be fall so I can see the Palladino-less episodes and see if it's even worth sticking around for the final year?

In other news, I wish there was a function to read the people who have you friended, but who you don't have friended back. Sort of like the friends friends list, only not. I feel like I'm missing out on friending back some great people, but it's too daunting to go through and click every single journal from my user info.
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Caps and crap

I finally capped Almost Famous. My absolute favorite part was that Rainn Wilson was in the movie. Look at his psychedelic tie! He's in a later scene too - wearing a pink shirt.

Also capped a couple of TWW episodes and finally got the Britcom gallery mostly up and running. "Mostly" because I haven't finished uploading AbFab yet. Have to sort the season 3 images before I upload them.

All day today I've been feeling lethargic, and even though I have a crapload of work to do I decided to take a mental health day and watch...

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

And now I think I'm going to go find some fic to read. The best part about having more fandoms is having more fics to read, but the worst part is trying to actually decide what fandom to go in search of fic for. Buffy or TWW or VM or...
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Monday and Tuesday are busy TV nights

Collapse )

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I also pre-ordered the Serenity DVD today. Is it bad that I now practically feel entitled to download it? I mean, come on, I've waited years for this film and I've tried to see it, but another month and a half?! That's just not fair. There's no way I can stay unspoiled for that long, people are already getting rather lax about cut-tags.

Oh, and in case it wasn't obvious by the above paragraph, when Serenity was pulled from the international market, I'll give you three guesses which country didn't get a cinema release. And the first two don't count.