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Passing time...

I'm bored, waiting for a client to call me back. Tell me, why is that it's always the shortest, least interesting translations that I get stuck working on for hours upon end because filmmakers are such control freaks? Aaaand I think just I answered my own question.

TWW 7x01 is ten minutes from completion and then I'll burn it and Hex 2x02 and settle down to watch before dealing with the real work I have to do. You know, the one that doesn't involve me waiting for a phone call for ages.

This weekend I rewatched Pride and Prejudice. Well, I tried, but the first disc was all scratched up and unwatchable on both my DVD players so I moved on to disc two. But then I remembered that I have another DVD player on the computer, so I popped it in last night and finally got to see it all. Only in reverse since I'd already seen the second half.

Anyway, since I felt I didn't get my fill by just watching one disc earlier in the weekend I had to go looking for fanfic. At first I was wondering if there even was any, considering I couldn't find a category at Fanfiction.net, but then I Googled it and the answer is a resounding "Hell yeah there's P&P fanfic!" crack_van even had it featured one month. The most bizarre discovery? Darcy/Wickham slash. *shudder*


Client called. All done. Transferring episodes for burning as we speak. *g*