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Mixed Nuts

I've been really lax in my movie watching for the past...oh, two months or so. It's okay, though, because I'd racked up a lot of movies before then. I'd been stranded on number 46 (Stranger than Fiction) for a couple of weeks now, but I want to hit 50 before the month is out (the halfway point), and since I'm going sailing after Midsummer, I haven't got loads of time to get there so tonight I watched Music and Lyrics. I spent pretty much the whole movie going "who IS that guy in the music video?" HELLO! (Now aren't you sad you don't have the IMDb extension installed? ;-) Almost enough to make me feel like picking up FNL again.

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There certainly don't seem to be any easy answers to the whole environment issue, but I did lend money through kiva.org, an organization that asta77 pointed out the other day. You lend out money, you don't donate. When the loan has been repaid, you can either withdraw the funds or lend them out again. I like that I had control over just who to lend money to, because for me it feels important that the money goes to a woman, and because of Planet Earth, I wanted it to be an African woman. I'm not even sure I can articulate just exactly why, but the African situation often feels that much more urgent. Maybe next time I'll look elsewhere.

Anyway, kiva.org only takes care of one aspect of the problem, and I'm looking around for a) a general nature conservationist organization, and b) an organization that focuses on sex education and contraception to donate to. So if you know of any reputable ones, I'd love to hear about it.

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I blame winter_baby for this.

This past week, I've been watching Planet Earth and it's amazing/fantastic/glorious/mind-boggling/insert-exclamation-of-choice-here.

I've chosen these two episodes to picspam because a) they're among my favorites, and b) they're extra pretty. (There may or may not be a correlation between those two!)

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And if you're interested in a show with actual humans, sarkastic is pimping The Wire. Go and be assimilated.