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The last time I watched CotT I noticed something that I've never really paid attention to before. Duncan tells the counselor that he stopped taking his meds. Only the anti-depressants, though, not "the old stand-bys". See, I'd been under the impression that he'd been taking the anti-depressants even in the latter part of the season, but he obviously didn't. I keep wondering if others have missed that fact, much like I did.

I've been watching my Moonlighting DVDs and I'm actually quite amazed at how well the show has held up. I mean, in comparison to other shows from the same era. A lot of it is due to the amazing chemistry between Cybill and Bruce, and the rest is due to the writing, which is so much fun. I can't remember any other show from the eighties where the dialogue was as crisp and tight as it was on that show.

Another thing that struck me is how many of these episodes I've actually translated. Though I get the feeling I translated a clip show at one point, which could be why some scenes are familiar and others aren't. But still, there have been a lot. When I started this job I never thought that I'd forget the things I'd done, but when you've translated hundreds of episodes they start to blend together. I think I probably remember the very first things I translated more clearly than what I translated last month.

Oh well, back to the grind. I'm translating Titus today, and then I have to buck up and get those last two episodes of Alias done. I really don't want to see the end of season 3, so I've been putting it off as much as possible.

Oh, by the way, I updated my VM posts post last week (finally!), and there are some great posts, both old and new, in case you're in need of distractions.