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Uploads, rant and the requisite TV watching

Okay, I've done my part and uploaded all the Veronica Mars episodes. I'm re-uploading episode 1 because that's what most newbies will be looking for, and the SVCD of episode 12. After that I'm done. The point of the community is not really for one person to do all the uploading so if you download an episode and have the capacity to "pay it forward" by uploading it yourself, then please do so.

I'm really tired of certain parts of fandom right now. Parts that I'm not really a part of, so I don't know why I punish myself by clicking links I really shouldn't be clicking. Collapse )

That actually felt good to get off my chest. And I'm sure to regret it in the morning. Or as soon as I press Post.

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Stuff. Things.

Belated happy birthday to molly_may!

Spent my sick days rewatching a bunch of Buffy. I finished season 7, and then watched a few others. I'm thinking about the show again, composing entries in my head, mostly due to fabulous posts and comments in molly_may's and swsa's journals. It's fun!

Am thinking of rewatching Farscape yet again and maybe writing up some posts. There has to be someone who wants to talk about the show, right? I think one of the problems is that there's not really a lot that's up for interpretation. The show is what it is.

Just out of curiosity:
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And finally, some TeeVee...

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Looking forward to Alias tonight. I had planned on watching the last two episodes of season 3 to get into the groove, but I can't quite bring myself to do it. I'm just hoping this season will be better.