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Please, please, please, do not go

I figured that after last week's sharp decline in posting, this week would show some improvement, but boy was I wrong. Dead, dead, dead. That's what it is around here.

Last Tuesday I sprained my ankle slightly. Nothing too bad, just that feeling that if you put it down just slightly wrong you'll be doing some serious damage. So I've spent much of the past week in a prone position (the bad weather may also have had something to do with it). In that time I've finished
Bones season 1 and Roswell season 1 (rewatch), and over half of Bones season 2.

Then yesterday, in a fit of inspiration, I capped four episodes of Bones season 1 (disc 3, which has the episode that finally got me from a "I'll watch until it gets good" to a "okay, I'm watching this show" state of mind [The Man in the Fallout Shelter], and one of the prettiest episodes to date [The Woman at the Airport]). I also finished capping The Office season 2 (deleted scenes from the last two discs and the bloopers. That's pretty much all I'd planned to cap - unless someone wants something else capped?) and I capped two more episodes of Eureka and half of The Mothman Prophecies, but that movie is LONG, yo.

Today I've not been remotely as industrious. Sure, I've organized my bookmarks, done errands and cleaned my apartment, but unless there's something tangible I can put online, does it really matter? (It's sort of like that tree falling in the woods thing.)

I've also been alternating Bones season 2 with Man vs. Wild, which led to a lot of to-ing and fro-ing when it came to settling on which one to watch while eating dinner since the ick factor can be pretty high for both. (In the end I went for Bones, because the real life stuff always cuts deeper for me.)

Tomorrow: Closet overhaul, more cleaning and more TV! And I'll try to finish The Mothman Prophecies and continue with Bones (unless someone knows a good source for DVD caps? My "exhaustive" search started and ended with this post.)