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*tears hair out*

I think I screwed myself but good with that song rewrite, because it's still stuck in my head. Going on five days now! And it's not even the original Brady Bunch song, it's my version. (I honestly can't work out if that makes it better or worse.)

Summers are supposed to be the season of little-to-no TV, but these past two weeks have been insane. What I've been able to watch since I last posted:

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Still unwatched:

  • Today's haul: The Bionic Woman, Damages, Weeds 3x03.

  • This week's haul: Entourage, Hell's Kitchen, The Closer, Big Love, Man vs. Wild, The Daily Show x2, The Colbert Report x2

  • Been sitting on my harddrive for days: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Aliens in America

  • Been sitting on my harddrive for weeks, months, possibly years: Stargate: Atlantis s2, Touching Evil finale, Rome s2 finale, FNL, Brothers and Sisters, Life on Mars s2, Skins, Jane Hall ep 5-6, Burn Notice, Flight of the Concords.

  • Never-seen DVDs: Avatar Book 1, Huff s1, Deadwood s1, Carnivale s1, Rescue Me s1,Spaced, Oz s1.

Other people write lists of what they've watched - I write lists of what I haven't watched. Go me.