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Work can be such a chore

You know, I really hate it when I get a translation to do and the client says "use this translation, we've already approved it" and I look at it and I think "I could have done a thousand times better". It's not necessarily wrong, it's just so riddled with poor word choices and pedestrian language that I just know whoever translated it thinks they can do it, but they really really can't. Collapse )

In LJ news, you can now have comments time stamped with your local time by setting your time zone in your user info.

It wouldn't be such a hassle if they'd just pick one time zone and stick to it, but it changes constantly. It used to be Greenwich Mean Time, which is fine since it's easy to figure out, but then they kept switching it. Right now it's Moscow time, I think.

I don't know if it's because I've recently shifted my flist to be more geared towards VM, but it seems like a lot of old Alias fans are finding VM right about now. Where I used to see people commenting about the differences between Joss and Rob, I now see people comparing JJ to Rob. Collapse )
αΩ | Φ | nobody said it was easy

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Oh dear lord, I should not read the things that Ann Coulter has said, it pisses me off to the nth degree. That woman is an affront to humankind.

Speaking of affronts to humankind, one of the blogs/lj feeds I've found through luna_k had a link to the O'Reilly lawsuit. Man, that guy is such a sleezoid. *shudder* And media_matters had this post today. Heh, nothing like being confronted with your own stupidity.

About the VM debacle earlier: I suspect it's a new file type/encoding or something, because my old decrepid Windows 2000 computer got a hiccough any time it tried to play the file, but my XP computer played it without a hitch. The reason I thought something was wrong with the file was that all the other files worked fine, I tried a new codec and it didn't work, and it wouldn't even transfer to a CD as data. That last one really throws me, because how can that happen?

Since I'm no longer watching Lost I've decided to spoil myself silly. I already saw unhappyending's spoiler post for tonight's episode (which incidentally is almost enough to make me want to download the stupid thing. Maybe if there's a lull this weekend or something). Anyone else got any juicy spoilers they can link me to? I still kinda want to know what is up with that island.

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