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Just another manic Sunday

I've been working today - rather reluctantly, I'm afraid (it's no fun working on a Sunday so you can take Friday off to go to a funeral. *sigh*), but I've finally reached the second interview on Conan and since it's Tim Gunn I'm actually looking forward to it. Plus, Tim Gunn and Larry the Cable Guy in the same universe studio? That's gotta be just mind-boggling.

Speaking of work, I have a question for those of you who are old school Doctor Who fans. The Doctor (apparently) has a granddaughter (who knew?). So does the Doctor have a son or daughter? Because in the Swedish language, these things matter.

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Sometimes my anal retentiveness really does pay off. Like now that farscape-caps.com is MIA, I'm so happy I got almost all the caps downloaded with SpiderZilla back in the day. I was thinking about putting together an Aeryn picspam (which will probably turn into two picspams), and thanks to said anal retentiveness I was able to go through all of the season 1 caps this weekend. When I find the time, I'll start on season 2, but yesterday I also started putting together a kissing picspam and right now I'm more into that one. So into it that I'm actually capping key episodes of VM, Friends and The X-Files.

And regarding that hotlinker from the other day, I've removed the album from my gallery and I won't put it back until the hotlinking is gone, which I'm thinking might be a while, so, you know, you can thank this person for that.
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I need a Conan icon.

You know, I really do love my job most of the time, but it makes me heartsick when I get to the midpoint of my Late Show translation and Conan says: "Great show tonight, great show tomorrow. From The Colbert Report and the new movie Strangers With Candy: Stephen Colbert".

And then, just to drive it home even more he continues: "And from the movie My Super Ex-Girlfriend: Rainn Wilson". Waaaah! And then, just as icing on the cake, I find out my next translation will be the show after that one. So I translate the show before and the show after, but not the one show I really want to translate. Ah, karmic retribution. Wonder what I did this time?

Oh well, at least this episode helped me find this site, which explains just what to do in order to remove your phone number from telemarketers' phone lists. It involves making two (free-of-charge) phone calls, and that's it. Of course, it only works in Sweden, but I'm sure there are ways to do this in other countries as well. In fact, I know there's some way to do it in the US, but seeing as I don't live there I didn't bother to memorize the number to call or whatever you were supposed to do.

I feel like capping, so I think I'll get started on those Doctor Who episodes as soon as I've been to the store. Unless anyone's got any other suggestions? Hey, I've been in the mood for capping some Seinfeld for a while, but I'm terrible with episode numbers/titles, so does anyone want any specific episodes from seasons 1-5 capped?