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My Three Dramas

I spent the afternoon watching in rapt fascination as the whole Myung Wol the Spy thing unfolded. Or should I say imploded? Holy crap, it's like a drama! It's like a drama about a drama THAT'S ABOUT A DRAMA. This is getting so meta it's like universes folding in upon themselves.

Let me just say that until Han Ye Seul jetted off to America this afternoon, I was firmly in her corner, because I think the way they shoot dramas is CRAZY. Like, that story making the rounds while City Hunter was airing about Lee Min Ho performing a stunt and then not getting up off the ground because he fell asleep in the aftermath is funny until you actually start to think about how exhausted someone has to be in order for that to happen. No wonder dramas are plagued with so many car accidents. All the drivers are sleep-deprived!

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Kdramas have ruined my life

My grandmother is turning 90 today, so I'm on my way there, but sitting in the back seat is booooring even though I have movies, books, games, etc to distract me. So instead I'm trying out the LJ Beetle app (tried out LJ's own app, but holy crap did that thing ever take up space!)

So whatever, let's talk about kdramas!

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I dropped off the face of the earth (again) because as soon as the US television season ended, I became reobsessed with kdramas. I have a feeling this may become a regular thing for me. Summer=drama!time, that's just how it'll be from now on.

I've rewatched a few dramas (just this weekend I rewatched Coffee Prince. LOVE. Like, every time I rewatch it - and it's been a few times! - I feel like I love it more than the previous time. This rewatch I didn't even FF through Secondary Couple Issues I Don't Care All That Much About.), but I'm mainly watching shows that are airing currently. In order of obsession:

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As for the US finales, here are a few quick reactions:

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  • I've capped quite a few more Good Wife episodes - I'm now up to episode 16.

  • I'm still capping Farscape season 1 as I rewatch, but I've been stalled on episode 11 for a while.

  • And I finally got my Cougar Town season 1 DVDs, so I capped/rewatched the first few episodes. Honestly, now that I love the characters so much, even the early episodes are tolerable.

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The rumors are wrong. I am, in fact, not dead

Last week was a close call, though, when I got sick on Tuesday morning and still had to work all week (racking up 50 hours total for the week. Fun! Except not.)

I really needed more than just a weekend to recharge, but that's all I get, so I tried to make the best of it. And by "make the best of it" I mean "buy the last charms I need to complete my Pandora bracelet". Collapse )

Other things that have happened:

  • I finally got myself that new cell phone I was talking about a few months back! And yes, I ended up getting an HTC Legend after all. I LOVE IT. Don't know how I ever lived without it. I've read two books on it so far, I've got two True Blood episodes awaiting viewing, I've become addicted to Mancala, Reversi and Unblock Me (any other game app recs would be most welcome!) and it's the only way I've been able to stay sorta up-to-date on my Twitter feed for the past two weeks.

  • I've been fairly good about keeping up with TV. Well, considering... Collapse )

  • I uploaded a bunch of icons today.

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A couple of years ago, on the first day of winter, we had people in Stockholm who were stuck in traffic for seven hours (black ice was the culprit if I remember correctly). I thought that was bad, but this NINE DAY traffic jam has to take the cake. Holy crap!

The only shows I'm keeping up to date with are reality shows. I may get spoiled for True Blood, Eureka, Mad Men, et al whenever I venture outside my flist (and sometimes even when I stick close to home - mostly through no one's fault but my own), but knowing one thing about an episode won't completely render it pointless the way knowing who gets booted off does for a reality show.

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And just because I'm bored:

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man plans, the flying spaghetti monster laughs

I worked all weekend, and yesterday I'd about reached my limit so I told my boss that I was going to "sort of" take today off (only doing the bare minimum, like delivering files and answering emails). HAHAHAHA! Forgive me while I wipe away my tears of indescribable horror at not having had a day off for 11 days straight laughter.

Just out of curiosity I counted up the number of emails I'd written today at four thirty. OVER 80! And that was just the emails. WHY IS THIS MY LIFE?!

Needless to say, I worked more than eight hours today anyway and I'm so ready for the weekend to come, you have no idea.

I haven't really been finishing many Dramas lately (except for my rewatch of Coffee Prince. It was even better this time around, and the pacing issues are solved by just FF-ing through all the boring stuff), but I've started plenty. I've started keeping track of them in this sticky!post. I figure you guys were probably getting sick of my All Drama All the Time posts. =)

The newest Firefox release (?) is screwing with my LJ log-in, but only when it comes to Scrapbook, so posts to acapaday have been spotty lately (my album for that is private and since I can't log in I just see the public albums).

It wasn't until last night that I realized that I could access Scrapbook with Chrome. Which is a pain, but better than nothing, I guess, until either Firefox or LJ rights itself.

Now I just have to figure out if I have the energy to do some capping for a cap game tomorrow...
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You know you're from Sweden when...

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Well, that was a whole lot of stuff you never wanted to know about Sweden.

When I left for work this morning I was right in the middle of the last episode of Boys Over Flowers. Yep, I'm going to finish this puppy, no problem! And actually, the point where everyone else seems to have quit in disgust (about halfway through?) is when I started to become really really amused with the show. So it seems that I'm the one full of epic fail in this case, not the show. (Well, okay, maybe the show too.)

I think the reason I started enjoying it was that I finally just gave up caring about the main love triangle and instead started noticing things like Lee Min Ho's waddle (have you ever noticed that he holds his head really still when he walks, making him look very much like a duck on dry land? This cracked me up more times than it probably should have), and how fun the minor characters could be. Also, I got invested in the Yi Jung/Ga Eul 'ship for a while there, but then it got annoying with the long lost love thing, just like in Hana Yori Dango. Blech!

Being the productive employee that I am, I have spent several hours looking at Drama vids on YouTube this week, and stumbling upon a bunch of Coffee Prince vids have made me ache to rewatch it, so I'm probably going to be doing that soon.

I have so much to watch now (I can finally watch Capital Scandal!!!) that I don't even know where to start.
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Kdramas are the answer. Always.

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There used to be a time when I had summer shows. Lots of summer shows. Here are the summer shows/summer episodes I haven't even started:

  • Burn Notice

  • The Closer

  • Covert Affairs (thought I'd try it)

  • Eureka (never even saw the season 3 finale, actually)

  • Leverage

  • Lie to Me

  • White Collar

Shows I'm behind on:

  • Drop Dead Diva

  • Top Chef

  • True Blood

I am up to speed on NOTHING. Go team me!

Haven't even been getting all that much Kdrama watching done. I finished my Goong rewatch, which was much better this time around, what without all that sloooooow taaaalking by grandma. And those "I don't care about this" subplots that inexplicably appeared towards the end.

I did finish Soulmate last night! Collapse )

Before I started on Soulmate I did watch the first four (five?) episode of Prosecutor Princess, but I don't know. It's not that I dislike it, but there's nothing that's drawing me in, either.

I'll probably go back to Boys Over Flowers next, though. (Mostly because I've been saving Capital Scandal for after and I REALLY want to see that one.) Epic fail, here I come!