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My (by now) regular Oh, LJ, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! update

So, LJ is once again pissing off the Harry Potter fandom. And if you want to target a fandom, lord knows that's the one that's going to get you the least amount of attention and trouble. /sarcasm

Last time, I really didn't think they would enforce their newly updated rules unless they were backed into a corner, but I was wrong. I think it's pretty obvious that they're cleaning up their site in order to make it look more appealing to investors/buyers.

So, with this in mind, I've decided that I'm going to start cross-posting to my InsaneJournal, which I prefer Collapse )

I've got a problem, though. I'm a moron and can't figure out how to add another user to Semagic. ETA: See comments on IJ mirror for tutorial link. I know how to change the server setting so I can access IJ, but I don't know how to add it as a separate account. I'm assuming this can be done? I guess it wouldn't be a hardship to do it manually considering how rarely I post, but I'd really like to have it automated if possible.

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I've watched a lot of TV. Mostly just general impressions of Collapse )
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Why is it that you always want to watch the stuff you've loaned out? Today I, in rapid succession, wanted to watch Firefly, Serenity and Green Wing. All on loan. All to the same person.

Instead I watched a new British show I found called Jane Hall. It's okay, I guess, but the real treat is watching people you know from other shows (I love how insenstuous the British TV industry is. Much like the Swedish TV industry). Guy from Green Wing plays one of the main characters. Only he's, like, the anti-Guy. All touchy-feely and nice. I'm a bit creeped out to tell you the truth. And then we have Mickey of Doctor Who fame. He hangs upside down from a window naked. All in all a good time.

I've been keeping a vigilant eye on my flist for download links for the version of O Holy Night that played on Studio 60 on Monday, and jesouhaite47 came through with the goods. Yay!

buffyx wrote a post about Dick and other VM stuff that I almost completely agree with. I'm not in complete agreement, because I am not, in fact, writing Taylor fic.