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This week I have watched:

  • 30 Rock 1x01-1x07. Collapse )

  • Bones 3x01

  • Burn Notice 1x01-1x04 Collapse )

  • Cane 1x01 Collapse )

  • Daily Show & Colbert Report x3 (About to be x4)

  • ER 4x01-4x10

  • Eureka 2x12 Collapse )

  • Heroes 2x01 Collapse )

  • HIMYM 3x01 Collapse )

  • Journeyman 1x01 Collapse )

  • My Name is Earl 3x01-3x02

  • Office 4x01 Collapse )

  • Tim Gunn's Guide to Style 1x04 Collapse )

  • Top Chef 3x13 Collapse )

  • Ugly Betty 2x01

  • Weeds 3x06-3x07 Collapse )

Poll #1062642 So, question of the hour:

Do you think I got any work done this week?


Collapse )

For possibly the first time ever I participated in one of those icon memes. Mostly because I was interested to see which icons I'd pick, and I coded it to look at them, so why not post it, right?
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See, this is why I love the Brits

Long Way Down is available for pre-order at Amazon before the show has even started airing. I'm gonna hold off on ordering for a while, see if it drops in price. (PotC: AWE dropped three pounds between the time I added it to my wish list to the time I ordered it. Which was five minutes ago. When I also ordered Becoming Jane. I have no will power whatsoever.)

I'm ridiculously behind on my 100 Movies in 2007 thing. I guess having some time while I was on vacation made me gravitate towards TV shows instead, and now I'm having a hard time getting back into the swing of things. That said, I'm watching Zoolander right now.

Collapse )

Okay, you guys, what is up with these new moods I'm getting? "*drool*, *thud*, Suicidal, On Top of the World?" Does this mean that all our old mood themes are going to be outdated/have to be redone? Because I love my AD mood theme like burning, but anniesj isn't really around these days and I doubt she's going to update it.
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It was the best of times...

I had the most relaxing weekend in a loooong time. Well, except for the frustration of trying, and failing, to make icons. But I watched a ton of movies (I hadn't had time to watch any in a few weeks, and I'm just barely keeping up with the 100 Movies Challenge thingy), capped a few more episodes of The Office season 2 (only two more episodes to go!), read tons of fic and even some stuff that isn't found on the Internet (aka BOOKS).

Of course, the first work day this week turned out to be incredibly frustrating (constant interruptions to the point where I've only translated a third of what I had planned to, and a client who, when told that the word doesn't exist in the Swedish language insists that it should be used in the translation anyway because "it's a key word in our field". Way to go, make a word that doesn't exist one of your key words!)

However, good TV fixes anything that ails you.

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Long and pointless

You know, the car alarm that has been going off every 30 seconds for the past, oh, FIVE HOURS can just shut the hell up right now!!!

I hate people sometimes.

Since I doubt I'll be able to sleep I might as well write Collapse )

Shows I've watched:

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

Oh thank god, I think the car battery died.
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Three out of four ain't bad

Posts I've been writing in my head for the past few days:

  • Where in the World is Logan Echolls' Head at These Days (An Exploration of Logan's Actions and Motivations in Wichita Linebacker)

  • Heroes: I Have a Theory

  • Fun Things You Notice When Watching an Episode 15 Times in a Week

  • Ugly Betty: Watch It, It's Pretty (picspam)

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Comment stalking for the win!

So, comment stalking has once again paid off, and I now have a script that has useful links from the LJ user icon menu. And I found a few more that I just had to install. All of them:

  • LJ useful user popup. The one I already mentioned. I don't like that it disables the actual user icon, so when LJ starts linking the user icon from their own menu (like I saw mentioned somewhere) I might uninstall this.

  • LJ Thread Unfolder with "Unfold all". My favorite find! One thing that really annoys me are the collapsed threads on entries with more than 50 comments, but with this script you can open them up "in situ", as it were. You can open specific threads (without being redirected to another page) or open all of them! LOVE!

  • LJ Friend-Of Unhide. Yes, that's right, hidden friends of lists become visible. Because I'm a nosy bitch. *g*

  • LJ Instant Comment. I probably won't use this much since there's no way to change your user icon, but I like the idea of being able to comment directly from my flist instead of having to go to a new page.

  • LJ New Comments. This is actually the one that got me to install Greasemonkey in the first place. I've mentioned it before.

There were also a few more I found when I went looking for the links above:

  • LJ Clean Friends. It automatically LJ-cuts quizzes so you don't have to see them. And it limits the width of images so your flist page doesn't go all wonky. My flist seems pretty light on the quiz-taking, so I don't know if this is even necessary.

  • LJ: anonymous posting warning. I'm not afflicted with this problem, but a lot of people seem to have issues with LJ logging them out without warning. Good to have in case it starts happening to me.

  • LJ collapser. You can hide the body of an entry on your flist that you've already read. I'd really like to use this, but it says it reboots with every refresh, so I'm going to wait for a better version that has some sort of...cache, maybe?

I've finally gotten back to capping VM season 2. My Mother, the Fiend and One Angry Veronica are up at vm-caps.com. Less painful than I had feared, but I've still got the major hurdle of Donut Run to go.

I keep making icons like crazy, I don't know what's wrong with me. I was up till four am last night just because I was having fun. Of course, I spent so long staring at this icon that I could no longer see who it was. Can you tell who it is?

I keep forgetting that I have an episode of BSG to watch, but I have watched other stuff:

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )
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Brazil is playing ummmm, Paraguay, I think, Ecuador (apparently) at my local arena in under an hour (and by local I mean I hear the crowds and if I only had a window in my apartment that faced that way and if I was higher up I could probably watch the game) and there is a lot of activity outside, people scrambling to find parking spaces, no doubt. Which is exactly why my only trek outside today happened much earlier in the afternoon.

I watched some more TV.

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

The momentum wore off a bit in the two weeks since I saw the premiere, but I'm officially excited for new VM today!

And I'm hoping for lots and lots of picspams in vmpicspam. I was a bit worried when 200 people had friended the comm in 24 hours because I thought my bandwidth would go through the roof. Only...people just linked to outside picspams (except for me and Laura). Now that's not right. I though people who had never done a picspam before might join in because it's so easy when you just have to hotlink. Or is the problem that people don't know exactly how to hotlink/picspam?
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Pilot season in full swing

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Now where's the Studio 60 screener? That's the one I really want to watch, but since the reviews I've read have been rather muted (and we're talking Aaron Sorkin fans here), I can see why they don't want the screener out there, killing the buzz.

In other news, I've also managed to rewatch season 1 of Farscape over the weekend. What? It's easy when you don't have to actually watch in order to rewatch. Watching while sleeping, making icons, working - all perfectly acceptable.