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out in the black

My annual Firefly rewatch is almost done, and it was about time! I was down to just two icons, and that's just not right.

This rewatch has confirmed that I was about one guest spot away from becoming a full-fledged Mal/YoSaffBridge 'shipper. And suddenly I've got a hankering to read fic! Only, I don't know where to start. Anyone got any recs? I realize the pairing is probably (I really don't know anything about the Firefly fandom) rare, so I'd be happy just to be recced general Firefly fic comms and/or archives. Somewhere to start, you know?

More caps!

Pushing Daisies
1x03 - The Fun in Funeral.

1x05 - Love American Style
1x06 - Return to Sender
1x07 - Circle of Friends
1x08 - Shrink Wrap

Down with Love
The Virgin Suicides

Everyone's talking about icons today! I guess I will too.

Meme stolen from crackers4jenn:

Look at your LJ userpics list. If you have fewer than 50 icons,pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five icons,pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five icons, pick everytenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List them onyour LJ, and tell everyone exactly why you have it, why it'sinteresting to you, what significance does it have.

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I'm now square-eyed.

I've been starting to feel pain in my wrist, so I've tried not to use the computer so much this weekend. I said "tried". Since I bought a new external hard drive on Saturday (woohoo for tax refunds!) I've transferred over 20 GB of stuff from my work computer hard drive, which meant hours copying and deleting files. The funny thing is that those 20 GB are the bare bones of my file collection. I transferred everything I didn't need physically on this computer to my personal computer at least once a week. Remember when a 20 GB hard drive was considered huge?

I also tried capping, which doesn't actually affect my wrist, because I only use my left hand when I cap. Only, School Reunion was being a right bitch and crashing Power DVD left and right. Three days it took me to get that episode capped! But now the deed is finally done (well, except for the part where the files aren't all uploaded yet. It'll be done soonish). And of course this means I already capped Tooth and Claw. Oh, and I seem to have no restraint when it comes to Ten, so there are 700+ caps for every episode so far this season.

Now I only have The Girl in the Fireplace left. Joy! /sarcasm

I capped a couple of DLM episodes too.

In my adventures away from the eeeevil computer I also watched a boatload of TV. Um, mostly on the computer.

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I also polished off two DVD sets I've been working on: Law & Order: SVU season 1 (not bad for a procedural, and if I find other seasons for £15 I just might buy them) and Scrubs season 3 (which I'd already seen, but not since I got the DVDs).

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Funny how hate memes can make you rediscover your love for long lost OTPs. I was looking over the BtVS hate meme (I'm apparently a masochist. Ah, the things you learn about yourself online) and it was the same old "Spuffy sucks" and "Spike should have burned in hell" and "I can't believe Angel+Buffy4evah!!!!111!! didn't get their closure" and "season 6 blew, but season 7 was even worse" stuff. No surprise there, but my reaction to it was that these people must have watched a completely different show than I did. And then I felt slightly sorry for them for not having watched my show. Heh!

I think I made more Buffy icons these past few days than I have in the past few months. So, not really a GIP, but an IP at least.
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Everybody's working for the weekend

Had poker night with some friends on Friday. We only had time for two rounds, one of which I won and the other was won by my best friend. I think the reason we won (apart from my totally kick-ass cards, which consisted of two full houses and three three of a kinds) is that we're the only ones who actually play the cards we're dealt instead of playing just because it's boring to fold. No money changed hands, unfortunately. I could use some right about now.

Lack of money didn't stop me from going to see the new Harry Potter movie on Saturday, though. No spoilers here, except to say that I felt about it the way I felt about the first two movies - basically, they're a glossy brochure for the book. The third movie actually has qualities that make it worthwhile for the non-fan, but this one? Meh. I don't regret seeing it, but I vastly prefer the book (which is my favorite, by the way).

And then yesterday I did a tiny bit of work and then I capped two more VM episodes. Only three more to go!

I think this Inara cap is the prettiest Inara cap ever. I hardly did a thing to it because I heart it so.

In related news, they apparently rescheduled Serenity and it's opening here next weekend, so I forced my best friend to watch Serenity the episode after we got back from the HP movie so she would finally watch the show and we could go see the Big Damn Movie next weekend. I don't think she was bowled over, but then again, neither was I the first time I saw the series.

I guess LJ will be kinda quiet this week, which is probably just as well considering the massive suck that's going on now.
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Answer key

Since PB so helpfully supplies thumbnails, I'm posting the answers to the screencap game with images included. Collapse )

I was playing Minesweeper just now. I used to be pretty good at that game. I could actually complete the most difficult level without marking out a single mine. My best time ever was 118 seconds (I remember specifically because I was so proud I squeaked in under the two-minute-mark) and today? I got 253 seconds. I officially suck.

I once found a site for Minesweeper. There were people there who'd finished games in 40 seconds. How is that even possible?! Do they spend their days memorizing the layouts or something?

Okay, so die_logan_die is probably the stupidest thing ever (along with most other die_insertcharacternamehere_die communities), but jump_logan_jump is just the shiniest thing. Look at the interests! I say "bungy cords" should be added too. *g*

Speaking of shiny, serenitysummer and summer_of_spike have both started. I'm not a member of serenitysummer, but I took a peek and I may have to join. There was a post discussing Serenity (the episode, not the movie) and I must say I was surprised at how many people saw it so late. Was I the only one who downloaded it the summer before the show started airing? Sucktastic quality on that file, by the way, and it's really no wonder it didn't really sell me on the show.

In fact, I didn't become head-over-heels in love with it until about the second viewing of the DVDs. Which means that it took about three viewings of each episode until I saw the brilliance. I liked the show fine, I just didn't crave it. What can I say? I'm slow. And I'm also not a big fan of the old west or westerns in general, so it took a lot to get past those parts and focus on the characters and all that other good stuff.