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Did Dreamhost just up their disc space limit again? Because suddenly I'm no longer at 65% disc space used, but 45%. And as far as I can tell my caps are still there. Oh well, I guess they'll make an announcement if that's the case.

Last night I just mentioned that I wanted to rewatch Farscape as soon as I started looking at caps, and suddenly my flist is jampacked with Farscape mentionings. Okay, that might have been an exaggeration, but there were picspams and stuff. Erm, some of it behind lock and key, so you only get the one link.

Then, in the comments of that same linked post I find a YouTube link to The Coin Toss. Tears and agony, I tell you! And now I really want to rewatch. And I think I just might do that if I can only figure out what to watch. I usually end up watching the whole thing, but it takes forever. I think I'll start with Premiere and go from there.

I haven't really mentioned what I thought about the Doctor Who finale, but I thought I should write something at least. Collapse )
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The characters I love to love

Last night, for no reason I can think of, I started thinking about who my favorite characters are. Now, knowing me, you'd probably say Spike or Logan for the male character and Buffy or Veronica for the female one, right? Not so much. (I'm trying to keep my comments general so as not to spoil unspoiled viewers of these shows.)


John Crichton. John starts out as this rather clueless and optimistic dork. And though he gets clued in, often brutally and at great cost to himself, at the end he remains an optimistic dork. And I think that his optimism is what I love most about him, because it's something I struggle with personally. He finds happiness even in the face of horrible events. He goes on after having experienced some of the worst things a person can experience, and he does it with joy. Yep, love him.


Jaye Tyler. I think I loved her from the very first episode. I know a lot of people say that they can't relate to her and are put off by her at the beginning, but for me it was love at first sight. Unlike my love for John, I think my love for Jaye stems mostly from how much of myself I recognize in her, and from watching her grow into someone so much more than she was because she takes a chance at life and at love. Okay, so she's forced to by inanimate objects, but it's still powerful to watch.

Enemy of my enemy

I've also been thinking about which characters I love to hate, but there it's not so easy. I want to say Grayza would take the top spot, but that may just be because I'm coming up on the beginning of Farscape season 4 and I'm already seething at the thought of her. Maybe David Brent? He's a fun one to hate. *g*
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My life is now complete.

I have seen Serenity!

My friend who I went with and started off on the pilot episode last weekend called me on Thursday and said she loved the show. Today she said she thought it was a better show than Farscape. Not sure I agree, but that's because we never got to see how they'd fare over the course of 80+ episodes. The first 14, though? Kick Farscape's first 14's ass!

Oh, by the way, I loved the movie! Do you guys have any links to reviews? Your own or someone else's, either is fine. I just want to read what everyone thought. =)
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A nuclear bomb in a field of flowers

I couldn't sleep tonight. I tried. For two hours I laid in bed just hoping I'd fall asleep. Then I went to the bathroom and tried to sleep for another hour. I finally just gave up, and now I'm on the third episode in the We're So Screwed trilogy. Of course now I want to do a complete rewatch because who'd've ever thought John Crichton would end up here?

I just want VM so I can go to sleep because I suddenly have the overwhelming urge to curl up in my bed. This should help.
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Outrage. It's the new black.

Am still outraged at the horrors in New Orleans. But mostly at Bush and his cronies, thinking that this is somehow not a fuck-up of epic proportions. Read this account of conference attendants stuck in the city when Katrina came ashore and how they survived. The thing that gets me? How the people in charge wouldn't even let people help themselves. How they shot at people trying to leave that hellhole.

How they (and by they I mean the entire administration) can even look themselves in the mirror in the morning is beyond me. But then again, Dubya seems to be totally unaware that something went wrong.

Pelosi, speaking at a news conference, said Brown had ''absolutely no credentials'' when Bush picked him to run FEMA.

She related that she urged Bush at the White House on Tuesday to fire Brown.

''He said, 'Why would I do that?''' Pelosi said.

''I said because of all that went wrong, of all that didn't go right last week.' And he said 'What didn't go right?'''

''Oblivious, in denial, dangerous,'' she added.

A lot of people on my flist are discovering old favorites of mine, so I've been immersing myself in nostalgia the past few days. I've been reading this omnibus-sized Josh/Donna fic. Am, in fact, still reading it. And it's making me miss the early seasons so much. And now I kinda want to cap West Wing episodes, only I'm not sure which season I should do, since I've started on all four I own. I'd probably prefer to cap season 4 because the DVD encoding is so much better, and it's widescreen. But then I think I should do it cronologically and just continue on from where I was in season 1. Bah, I can't decide. So, poll time!

Which season?


And does anyone have any specific episodes they want capped? Because I feel like I need a push to get going and then I might just be inspired to continue and maybe even finish all four seasons sometime this year.

Also watched some Farscape season 2 (TWWW and the LatP trilogy). Though I love the arc of season 3 I really have a hard time distinguishing episode from episode (At least before IP 1&2), so when I want to watch individual episodes I usually grab season 2. Sometimes season 4 or 1, but I usually only watch season 3 when I do a complete rewatch. It's...strange.
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A kiss is still a kiss

Okay, I give up. It's a meme. themoonbar was asked her favorite on-screen kisses in the five things meme and I got to thinking and I just had to do it. So, my favorite on-screen TV kisses are revealed beneath the cut.

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