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Odd number says we walk away now

I meant to post this icon meme over a week ago. Um, oops? Collapse )

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Last Friday, when I was on the way to the subway, A & B Song came on my mp3 player, and I was seized by this unstoppable wave of nostalgia, and I knew I had to start up my Farscape rewatch again (I had just finished season 2 when I took a break...um, six months ago or so). But first I had to rewatch the vid that made me have the Farscape flashback and I'd forgotten something: Collapse )
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I've finally started my Farscape rewatch. Started last night and right now I'm watching DNA Mad Scientist.

That's the good part about rewatches - any episodes you can do without you can just have on in the background while doing other stuff. For me, that other stuff consisted mainly of putting up a blog on my site, for posting cap updates. Mainly, I'll be using it to keep a running tab of what episodes I'll need to upload the main caps page with, but in case anyone else is interested in knowing when I upload caps, I created an LJ feed of the blog: jemscapsfeed.

I'll probably keep posting here too, the only difference is that there, the sole purpose of the post will be to link to the caps. Here, I'll tack it on to whatever I post next - even if that happens to be weeks later. So, you know, business as usual.

Speaking of tacking things on, the caps:

3×01 Season of Death
3×12 Meltdown
(Can you spot the theme? ;-)

9×10 The One With Christmas in Tulsa
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Ship of ghosts

  1. Wow, this really is the year of the Fandom Resurrection. First there was the Buffy season 8 comic, then the Angel season 6 comic, then the Dead Like Me made for TV movie and now we have Farscape webisodes and another X-Files movie (with something more substantial than the past few years' "we're thinking about it." As in: an actual script!). While I love the idea of all these projects, I'm also apprehensive. For now, though, I've decided to just bask in the glee, the fear can wait until we get closer to the premiere dates.

  2. I'm slowly easing into work today after a three week vaction. American Idol, with its multitude of performances, really is the perfect way to start off (even though I don't like the show. In fact, I dislike the format so much that I had to stop watching On the Lot because the format was exactly the same).

  3. Last night I uploaded some more icons in a vain attempt to stop making more and focus on work. (Yeah, we'll see how long that'll last.)

  4. Zodiac came in my mailbox just a few minutes ago and I was reeeeally tempted to just chuck work for the rest of the day and go watch it. But then I realized it's probably a pretty dark movie and waiting to watch it might be a good idea if I want to be able to see anything.

  5. Speaking of watching stuff, according to my list of 100 Movies in 2007 I've seen 62 so far this year (which meant I'm ahead - thank goodness!). At the same time I started keeping track of how many TV seasons I finished and right now I'm at 35 (though I have just one episode left of Touching Evil and Rome s2). And despite catching up with plenty of shows during my vacation, Collapse )

  6. Okay, I'm even starting to bore myself now, so HI, LAURA!

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I don't get out much.

Happy birthday, fenwic!

So, as evidenced by my icon, I just watched Revenging Angel (I'm steeling myself for The Choice as I type). But what I'm really interested to know is if anyone's ever written post-IP fic where... Collapse )

I don't even read Farscape fic, but I'd love to read that one.

I watched Friday Night Lights a week or so ago, but I think that one's a miss for me. I don't like, nor understand American football. I didn't really like any of the characters (though I did like some of the actors) and it just felt off to me. The cinematography was interesting, sure, but it felt completely wrong for the setting and the plot.
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I'm spoiling myself silly...

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I spent half of my workday today translating an episode of Conan only to realize, halfway through, that it was a freakin' rerun and we probably already had a translation on file. D'oh! And then I just couldn't be bothered to do much more than recut the old file and turn it in.

I'm watching about 15 million shows right now because I can't seem to find one that will hold my attention. In the past few days I've finished season 2 of Farscape (I feel the need to take a break from the OMG!angst for a while because it only gets worse from here on out), watched about half of season 2 of OTH (out of sequence, but I'm finding myself very much not caring), seen the first five episodes of Popular (I'd totally keep watching if I had more episodes, because this show is the good kind of crack), and am about to start watching season 1 of Spaced. I hear good things, so here's hoping...
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Won't Get Fooled Again.

I've reached episode 15 of season 2 in my Farscape rewatch (it's slower going now that I've reached season 2 and actually want to watch certain episodes start to finish). Every damn time I watch Won't Get Fooled Again I get this urge to cap it. So I finally did. And then there was the urge to picspam it, because aside from being the most cracktastic TV episode this side of John Quixote, it's also insanely pretty. And has funny visuals. And heartbreaking ones.

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Won't Get Fooled Again cap album is here. And I also capped more Doctor Who: The Age of Steel.
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Pilot season in full swing

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Now where's the Studio 60 screener? That's the one I really want to watch, but since the reviews I've read have been rather muted (and we're talking Aaron Sorkin fans here), I can see why they don't want the screener out there, killing the buzz.

In other news, I've also managed to rewatch season 1 of Farscape over the weekend. What? It's easy when you don't have to actually watch in order to rewatch. Watching while sleeping, making icons, working - all perfectly acceptable.