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I'm such a bad memer

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People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves. Tag 8 people. Those who are tagged cannot refuse. These 8 people must state who they were tagged by. You cannot tag the person who tagged you. Continue this game by sending this to 8 other people.

The part I bolded is the reason I decided to do the meme even though I usually don't, not even upon threats of having the LJ police sicced on me. The struck out portion is why I'm such a bad memer. Oh, and also because I apparently run havoc when told I can change the questions that are not to my liking.

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You know, for someone who quit watching the show over a year ago, I suddenly feel like I'm knee-deep in Doctor Who. Let's see, I just finished translating one episode and am starting another, I made a new icon *points*, I capped another episode and now I hear there are new spoilery pictures out there and I really really kinda want to see them. Anyone got a link?
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Just another manic Sunday

I've been working today - rather reluctantly, I'm afraid (it's no fun working on a Sunday so you can take Friday off to go to a funeral. *sigh*), but I've finally reached the second interview on Conan and since it's Tim Gunn I'm actually looking forward to it. Plus, Tim Gunn and Larry the Cable Guy in the same universe studio? That's gotta be just mind-boggling.

Speaking of work, I have a question for those of you who are old school Doctor Who fans. The Doctor (apparently) has a granddaughter (who knew?). So does the Doctor have a son or daughter? Because in the Swedish language, these things matter.

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Sometimes my anal retentiveness really does pay off. Like now that farscape-caps.com is MIA, I'm so happy I got almost all the caps downloaded with SpiderZilla back in the day. I was thinking about putting together an Aeryn picspam (which will probably turn into two picspams), and thanks to said anal retentiveness I was able to go through all of the season 1 caps this weekend. When I find the time, I'll start on season 2, but yesterday I also started putting together a kissing picspam and right now I'm more into that one. So into it that I'm actually capping key episodes of VM, Friends and The X-Files.

And regarding that hotlinker from the other day, I've removed the album from my gallery and I won't put it back until the hotlinking is gone, which I'm thinking might be a while, so, you know, you can thank this person for that.
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Did Dreamhost just up their disc space limit again? Because suddenly I'm no longer at 65% disc space used, but 45%. And as far as I can tell my caps are still there. Oh well, I guess they'll make an announcement if that's the case.

Last night I just mentioned that I wanted to rewatch Farscape as soon as I started looking at caps, and suddenly my flist is jampacked with Farscape mentionings. Okay, that might have been an exaggeration, but there were picspams and stuff. Erm, some of it behind lock and key, so you only get the one link.

Then, in the comments of that same linked post I find a YouTube link to The Coin Toss. Tears and agony, I tell you! And now I really want to rewatch. And I think I just might do that if I can only figure out what to watch. I usually end up watching the whole thing, but it takes forever. I think I'll start with Premiere and go from there.

I haven't really mentioned what I thought about the Doctor Who finale, but I thought I should write something at least. Collapse )
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Scandinavian design

I went to IKEA this weekend and afterwards started feverishly (almost literally, since I'm getting sick) looking up links and images that dealt with Scandinavian design. I think my very favorite designs are Arne Jacobsen's chairs. I don't know how well-known he is elsewhere, but in Scandinavia practically everyone can identify one of his chairs at a glance, and the Seven series is Denmark's biggest international sales hit. Collapse )

luna_k linked an article on the 27 most useful Firefox extensions the other day, and I downloaded a whole bunch:

  • Fasterfox. It really does make Firefox faster, especially when it comes to downloading images, which is good for me since I go through galleries a lot. One drawback I've noticed is that it sometimes loads images so fast that they're only halfway done, but I'm assuming there's some fine-tuning I could do.

  • Fission. Displays a progress bar in the address bar, showing how much of the page has loaded. Not strictly necessary, but I like knowing how much is left to load.

  • IE tab. Right-clicking on a link gives you the option of opening up a page in Internet Explorer without you having to leave the comfort of your own living room Firefox. I couldn't really think of a reason for it until I remembered all the games you need IE to play. Now I can finally get back to Qwyzzle! I've been stuck on level 34 since around Christmas. Hey, does anyone happen to know the right sequence for the chess board? A hint would be much appreciated. =)

  • StumbleUpon. Mostly because I feel like I need to expand my Internet horizons and not just follow links I find on LJ.

  • Videodownloader. Allows you to download videos from all the major sites like YouTube and Google Video.

  • CoLT. Allows you to copy the link and its text (or just the text) when you right-click. Handy.

Wanna know who the new Doctor Who companion will be? They're doing the official announcement at 1 am tonight. I snuck a peek since it doesn't really affect me. (Thanks to elfgirl for the link).
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A rose by any other name...

Since I deleted my Rose icon I've been planning on making a new one, but I got distracted. Like, a lot. Let's see, first there was VM, then Buffy, DLM, Buffy again, GG and finally Dawson's Creek. And the thing is, right now I don't have the time to make one, but I don't want to just forget about it, so I thought I'd link screencaps that I might like to make into icons. And hey, if I'm gonna link screencaps I might as well link them as images, right?

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Riiiight, so that was the first four episodes. *ahem*

ETA: Doctor Who spoilers in comments.

And if Doctor Who (or Rose) isn't your thing, there's always the Out of Gas picspam from yesterday. But you might wanna think twice about clicking that link, it's huuuuuuge.

And finally, for all V/L fans out there:

Don't forget to leave a comment!
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I'm now square-eyed.

I've been starting to feel pain in my wrist, so I've tried not to use the computer so much this weekend. I said "tried". Since I bought a new external hard drive on Saturday (woohoo for tax refunds!) I've transferred over 20 GB of stuff from my work computer hard drive, which meant hours copying and deleting files. The funny thing is that those 20 GB are the bare bones of my file collection. I transferred everything I didn't need physically on this computer to my personal computer at least once a week. Remember when a 20 GB hard drive was considered huge?

I also tried capping, which doesn't actually affect my wrist, because I only use my left hand when I cap. Only, School Reunion was being a right bitch and crashing Power DVD left and right. Three days it took me to get that episode capped! But now the deed is finally done (well, except for the part where the files aren't all uploaded yet. It'll be done soonish). And of course this means I already capped Tooth and Claw. Oh, and I seem to have no restraint when it comes to Ten, so there are 700+ caps for every episode so far this season.

Now I only have The Girl in the Fireplace left. Joy! /sarcasm

I capped a couple of DLM episodes too.

In my adventures away from the eeeevil computer I also watched a boatload of TV. Um, mostly on the computer.

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I also polished off two DVD sets I've been working on: Law & Order: SVU season 1 (not bad for a procedural, and if I find other seasons for £15 I just might buy them) and Scrubs season 3 (which I'd already seen, but not since I got the DVDs).

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Funny how hate memes can make you rediscover your love for long lost OTPs. I was looking over the BtVS hate meme (I'm apparently a masochist. Ah, the things you learn about yourself online) and it was the same old "Spuffy sucks" and "Spike should have burned in hell" and "I can't believe Angel+Buffy4evah!!!!111!! didn't get their closure" and "season 6 blew, but season 7 was even worse" stuff. No surprise there, but my reaction to it was that these people must have watched a completely different show than I did. And then I felt slightly sorry for them for not having watched my show. Heh!

I think I made more Buffy icons these past few days than I have in the past few months. So, not really a GIP, but an IP at least.
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Doctor Who

I'd forgotten all about Doctor Who. Well, not exactly, because the feeble-mindedness only comes and goes, but I didn't realize it was so late. Which may have something to do with going to bed at eight o'clock this morning. And that should make the coming week very interesting since I plan on getting up no later than five on Wednesday, as per usual. Operative word here: "plan".

I capped some stuff this afternoon, but I'm in the middle of uploading, so I'll link the stuff next time. I'm still in a capping mood, though, so requests will definitely be given their due consideration.

I updated my Firefox and all those search engines I added just the other week disappeared into the ether. That was fun.

The Dawson's Creek DVD set went down even further - to 52 pounds. I've already ordered it. That pesky impulse control problem rears its ugly head again.

Well, Who will be done in less than ten minutes so I'm gonna go see if I've got something to eat.
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Good Friday was very good indeed

There are four different releases for Dr Who 2x01. I just picked the one closest in size to 350 MB and it's downloading as I type.

I've been extremely bad about commenting lately, as well as responding to comments, but I've just been buried with stuff. Especially with the sailing trip, which it looks like I won't be making. I was all set to rush to get stuff done, get my passport renewed and leave next Friday, but ticket prices were just insane. I simply can't afford it right now. I'll probably try to do it either this fall or next spring instead.

Once the decision not to go was made I could rest a little easier, so you'd think I could get caught up on comments then, wouldn't you? Except not so much, because instead I changed the color scheme on my cap albums, finished capping The West Wing season 2 (Yay! No more extremely crappy encodings to cap. Though season 3 isn't exactly stellar either), capped a couple of season 6 episodes, some movies (Pride & Prejudice (2005), Home for the Holidays and Trainspotting), and I've been reading X-Files fic. Which led to me wanting to cap The X-Files, but with only 13 episodes capped and oh, say, 500 to go, it's hard to pick one. Anyone got any requests?

I still haven't watched this week's Gilmore Girls. And not because I haven't had a chance, I just... You know. *sigh*
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DVD whore

Many, many, many things today (most specifically this icon) have conspired to remind me of my favorite kisses post that I wrote a while back. I spent some valuable time searching for it, because of course the tag I used was less than useful. I finally found it and tagged it properly. Right now, I think this kiss *points to icon* would take the number three spot, edging out P/J. Sorry, but it had to be done.

ETA: Vague allusions to TWW promo in comments.

I also surfed around my favorite DVD buying spots to see if there was something I needed. The only ones I can think of are Dead Like Me season 2, Scrubs season 3 and Moonlighting season 3. Which is pretty pitiful if you ask me. I should be able to rustle up interest in a few more fandoms, preferrably ones where my excitement is more than lackluster.

However, I did pre-order the first DVD of the new Doctor Who series. It's being released on May 1st. The second disc is being released in June. I find it funny that I'm ordering it before it's even started airing. Gotta love those Brits. I do not, however, love the fact that there still hasn't been a DVD release of The Christmas Invasion. What's up with that anyway? Maybe it'll be on the first DVD. One can always hope, right?

Also? Life on Mars season 1 is being released, but not until next year.

Still no word on TWW season 7, but I'm guessing early fall, like with season 6 last year.

I hadn't realized how much I really wanted Showtime to pick up Arrested Development until the definitive news that they wouldn't came. At least now it'll be perfect forever. As soon as someone removes all traces of Charlize Theron. I mean, in this day and age there's gotta be some enterprising young tech geek who's willing to re-edit those five episodes to remove her presence, right?

I have not watched the cold open or the promo for this week's VM. I'm getting pretty excited about the show again (not based on spoilers, just the general vibe of the episodes getting better) and for some reason this means I have no inclination to spoil myself. I think it's because when you're disappointed in the episodes you need those promos and stuff to keep up the excitement throughout the week.

Also, for me, being spoiled lessens the enjoyment by a factor, not by a set amount. So when I'm not very excited about a show, being unspoiled increases the enjoyment only marginally, while being very excited and being unspoiled increases the enjoyment by a whole lot.