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Coupling caps

After two days of heartbreak, sadness and outrage I just couldn't take it anymore and turned off CNN.

Instead, I rewatched Coupling seasons 3 and 4. Season 3? Should be bronzed and preserved as the best season ever. Season 4? Is only worth it for Sally and Patrick.

I also capped all of season 3 because it's just too perfect, and I thought I'd put them up on my web site as a sort of practice for vm-caps and I had to wait forever for the MySQL thingy (whatever that is) to propagate. Like an hour, even though it says it should take 5-10 minutes. So instead I opened up Photoshop and made this icon and now I've lost my drive. But I will put them up (as long as I can actually figure things out) because I've got so much space now that Dreamhost doubled everyone's disk space.

ETA: Argh! So why can't I figure out how to batch add files? Help...?

In a roundabout sort of way this brings me to my next subject: zip files. I'll be putting up some caps in galleries, as space will allow, but I'm saving them at a lower quality in order to preserve space. I'm still saving them at the highest quality for myself, so (keeping in mind that the lower-quality ones are available online) which would you prefer:

Low or high quality caps in zips?

αΩ | Φ | nobody said it was easy

"You know what women say..." "Ouch?"

Hee! Love Patrick! Coupling is really funnier if you disregard the two main characters and focus on the supporting cast. Well, if you consider Susan and Steve to be the main characters. Which I do. I really need to cap this show and make icons. I've just lost the will to cap since PB cut me off. Well, not exactly lost my will, I just don't know what to do with them now. I was kind of thinking I could put them up in separate albums, but I don't know what the file size and album size limits are for free PB accounts these days. I'll go check in a minute...

Watched the new VM promo, and boy was it ever spoilery. But I'm still glad I saw it because I'm ridiculously excited about the new season now.

Am downloading Prison Break - both parts, even though I've already seen the first part - and I'm looking forward to seeing the continuation. I haven't read the posts I've seen on it, though, as I don't want to be spoiled for part 2. I do get the sense a lot of people liked it, so that's good.

Wow, this entry sure was a big ole heaping help of boring, wasn't it? Sorry about that, next time I'll have actual content, I swear.