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Take out the trash day

Worst work week ever. To wit:

  • I translated a Conan that not only didn't have a musical guest, it also had a lullaby that needed translating.

  • Got saddled with a huge and time-consuming project right when I'm as busy as can be and had to figure out the logistics of that (goodbye, evenings).

  • Spent yesterday and today translating the trashiest of trashy TV: Jerry Springer and E!'s True Hollywood Story: Anna Nicole Smith. Dear god!

  • Can't actually relax this weekend because new!project includes a translation due Monday that will take at least two days, probably three.

Good things:

  • The Office.

  • The Office art by dafnap.

  • The Black Donnellys premiering a week early (you guys, I'm getting nervous about watching the new episodes. What if they're not any good?)

  • Getting Amazon delivery (books on Rome and Mystic Pizza! I'll probably try to find some time to cap this weekend because I'm ridiculously fond of that movie).

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The Internet is for Porn

So, Signe's Porn Battle is in full swing once again. This time there's also a soundtrack, so go contribute your favorite sexy music. My contributions:

Portishead - Music to Fuck to
Avenue Q - The Internet is for Porn
Pulp - This is Hardcore

I'm actually amazed that I managed to find songs that were so fitting just by looking for This is Hardcore. I have no clue why The Internet is for Porn was in the P folder.

typicrobots was talking earlier about making do without the extra user pics and I've contemplated the same thing myself, but I find it extremely hard to pare my user pics down to half. However, I thought about which six I would keep if I returned to Basic status (which won't happen until 2010 at the earliest, but still!) Collapse )

So, which would be your six? Enquiring minds want to know.

And since The Black Donnellys has been on my mind a lot lately, I'm really hoping that someone rents the Heroes half-season from Netflix and caps the pilot episode that's available on it. I'm not holding my breath, but that would be awesome. I'd also really like to know if they have changed the music (I heard rumors they were going to) and if it still works as well as this song *points to Current Music*.

Yesterday I drove over to my friend's place and got my The Office season 2 DVDs back and so far I've capped five more episodes. I'm still uploading The Injury, and I think I'll try to cap The Secret before I call it a day.

I have such a strong urge to picspam Pam smiling, but I'm a bit picspammed out. It can go on the list of picspams I'm thinking of doing. It's ridiculously long and I'm guessing only about 5% of the picspams will ever get made.
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I can't seem to stop making The Black Donnelly icons. So far I have six uploaded - for a show that hasn't even aired yet! To put that into perspective, shows that I've seen at least a half season of (and am still watching) that I don't have icons for: Studio 60, Jericho, Entourage, Eureka, Everwood, Friday Night Lights, The O.C., Scrubs, plus any and all reality shows I watch.

deathisyourart linked some set pictures, including one with a hardly-dressed Jonathan Tucker and Collapse )

I feel like I need to get in the capping groove again. I thought I'd started when I capped ANMMHE this weekend, but then my attempt at capping VT was interrupted and I lost the plot. There are only three episodes left of VM season 2, it shouldn't be that hard! And the episodes I have left are not even bad compared to what I've already endured. Okay, that's it, I've decided I'm going to have all of season 2 capped before Christmas, including the deleted scenes (and specials if I feel like it).

Considering just about everything is on hiatus from now until the end of time I want to find something to watch. Anyone got any ideas? Ones I'm considering due to flist influences: The Wire, Men in Trees, Stargate Atlantis, Rome, Sleeper Cell, Carnivale (I tried this once before, but it seemed so incredibly depressing that I just couldn't continue), Deadwood (same problem as with Carnivale, actually).
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Somebody's gonna get hurt

I've been eagerly anticipating the premiere of The Black Donnellys, in my opinion the best pilot of the 2006-2007 season. But then the weirdest thing happened: people started actually watching ER again, thus depriving me of this wonderful show, which was supposed to take ER's spot after the new year. Now it's been postponed indefinitely, probably premiering sometime in the spring.

Feeling all bereft I figured I'd work through my grief with The Pretty, therefore: Collapse )
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Collapse )

Isn't it just typical that when I find a pilot I love, it's a midseason replacement. The count so far this season: Traveler and The Black Donnellys.

For the past year I've been considering giving up posting my icons in my journal, but I haven't because I often make a lot that I don't use myself and I figure someone might like them. This morning I finally figured out the perfect solution: I'll upload my icons to my Scrapbook. So, just so you know, I won't be sharing them here anymore. If there's one you want to use and it's not uploaded there, ask before you snag, okay?

The only thing that bums me out is that I can't find a layout that has all the elements I want. Either it doesn't have the right thumbnail sizes, or it's got the worst color schemes, or the gallery display is all wrong. I went with the one with the worst color scheme in the end. I really want it to be gray-scale, who knew that was such an impossibility?

I've discovered some great things that really help my "Internet Experience".

  • The first one I found by accident. If you've got the Image Zoom extension installed in Firefox you can fit the image to the page (both zooming in and zooming out) by clicking on your right and left mouse buttons simultaneously. This helps A LOT when going through my own screencap galleries, in particular, because some of the caps are way larger than your regular screen size.

  • The Greasemonkey script I installed that tells you how many new comments there are in an entry also allows you to jump to the next new comment by just pressing N on your keyboard. It's especially helpful within the entries themselves if there are a lot of comments.