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I'm not getting comments from my journal emailed right now (at the very least they're delayed for hours), so in case you didn't see, I made some request icons. I may make more from the caps already provided, and I'm leaving the post open for now (if I decide to close requests I'll do the whole strikethrough thing. But not the way LJ did the whole strikethrough thing. Because that way madness lies.)

My Heroes s1 DVDs shipped today. I found this rather surprising, considering the fact that I still haven't gotten a shipment notification for Ugly Betty s1, which is coming out the week before. On Tuesday, to be exact.

And I didn't hear anything about FNL, which is the one I kinda need in order to catch up before season 2 starts.

But hopefully, Dexter s1 will get here tomorrow. I can't wait to rewatch it in DVD quality.

This influx of new vids has gotten the old flist talking, and even made me think about Collapse )

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I just changed my default icon. Now, for some, that's not a big thing, but I rarely change it. I'd had the one I replaced for something like two years, and the one before that for at least one. The reason I change them so rarely is because I have to really like the icon. I don't think I've ever had a default that I haven't already had in use for at least a couple of weeks. Just to be sure.

This icon I just love more and more. Which is strange, because when I made it I wasn't at all sure about it (a sure sign I'll delete it fast. Well, not such a sure sign anymore) and even made two versions of it just in case the black border started to bug me. (It hasn't.)

I really thought that yesterday's post was going to be the fresh start after all this LJ crapola, but LJ's latest "anorexia=just striving to be thin" and "text links are cause for suspension" idiocy has just gotten me riled up again.

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Yesterday I watched Collapse )

Um, I also rewatched P&P again, because apparently I'm incapable of seeing any caps from that movie without rewatching it.

On the TV front, I watched the pilot of Oz, and wow, it was even more depressing than I remembered. I mean, I recognize that it's a quality show, I just don't know if it's a quality show that's for me.

I watched the first two discs of Avatar and so far, so good. There's still the animation factor, but it's engaging enough that I enjoy it nonetheless. Actually, for me it's not so much enjoyment that's a problem, because I do enjoy shows like Futurama and The Simpsons, it's the investment. I just don't get invested in animated characters. I don't know if Avatar will change that, but so far it's never happened, not even in animated movies that I watched as a child.