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I'm terribly amused that I seem to be the only one who's ever seen the complete version of this scene. Though my rough reenactment of it wasn't even close. Give me a break, it's been twelve years! Here it is in all its glory:

Harry: Okay. Pop quiz, hot shot. Uh, terrorist in a crowded room, five pounds of dynamite. He's got a deadman's stick; he lets it go, it blows.

Jack: How close am I?

Harry: Twenty feet.

Jack: Taser. Put enough volts in him, he won't let go for an hour.

Harry: ...uh, fifty feet.

Jack: Nice try. (Alternate:) Blow me!

Harry: Okay. Airport. Gunman with one hostage, using her for cover. He's almost on the plane, you're a hundred feet away.
(a moment)

Jack: Shoot the hostage.


I guess I got completely mixed up and thought the scenario stayed the same and only the distance changed, but I still say the line-reading is way off. I'm not sure why they took it out, it can't have added that much time to the movie and it makes the emphasis make sense. Why not put it back in the video/DVD release? (So that people can see I'm not crazy.)

A few extensions and user scripts I've found recently.


  • Calculator. It's not the calculator itself that's the big draw, it's the fact that it converts American measurements into metric (and vice versa). I need this a lot in my job and for some reason all my old sites aren't working any longer. Maybe I need to update my Java script or something, but I'm liking this a lot more. Oh, and it also saves a history so if I need the same measurement again I can just scroll through my previous results.

  • Undo Closed Tabs Button. Allows you to add a button to your toolbar so you won't have to right-click all the damn time.

  • Online Games Toolbar. I usually keep this hidden because I don't want to be tempted, but it's great for when you're in the mood for mindless fun.

User Scripts

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I've been hearing a nasty rumor

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I'm feeling comfortable with my spoiled status this year. I know nothing plot-related - except for the first main mystery - only a few casting spoilers and stuff that has no bearing on the storylines. That I know of, anyway. It's too tiresome to try to stay completely pure, and in the end I don't find it that rewarding. As long as I stay away from plot I think I'm okay.

What is the spoiler situation this year, anyway?
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I'm spoiling myself silly...

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I spent half of my workday today translating an episode of Conan only to realize, halfway through, that it was a freakin' rerun and we probably already had a translation on file. D'oh! And then I just couldn't be bothered to do much more than recut the old file and turn it in.

I'm watching about 15 million shows right now because I can't seem to find one that will hold my attention. In the past few days I've finished season 2 of Farscape (I feel the need to take a break from the OMG!angst for a while because it only gets worse from here on out), watched about half of season 2 of OTH (out of sequence, but I'm finding myself very much not caring), seen the first five episodes of Popular (I'd totally keep watching if I had more episodes, because this show is the good kind of crack), and am about to start watching season 1 of Spaced. I hear good things, so here's hoping...
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March madness

So, whoever knew I'd ever be this excited about The West Wing again? Or that I'd be this spoiled? Not me, that's for sure. Collapse )

Looks like March, usually a hellish month for the TV inclined, is going to be chock-full of TV goodness. Though I'm surprised to see that Prison Break, which has been on the schedule as re-premiering in late March, has been taken off. Hmmmm, I wonder what this means? Never mind, computer went spastic. But we still get new episodes of TWW, VM, The Office, Scrubs, and TAR.

Speaking of TAR, it's taking forever to download. I've already uploaded triple the amount of the complete file, and I still have at least half an hour to go. And no seeders in my cluster (though I think, and hope, there are some out there. The mininova stats say there are.).