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This is a long-shot...

Does anyone know of any good Evernote templates?

Every now and then I get really inspired to figure out bigger and better ways to use Evernote, but the notes are so boring and basically impossible to make pretty, so I've been trying to find templates for stuff like movie reviews, book reviews, contacts, etc, but I'm coming up with bubkis. The problem is that I SUCK at coding, so making templates myself is crazy-making.

I've tried KustomNote, but the problem there is that the only ones I even remotely like are the Movie note templates because of the Smart Field (collects info from online about movies and links to its IMDb page, Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango), but it is so not worth having to go online to write the note. I use the desktop app and I want to keep using it for ALL my notes.

I already have very basic templates for movies, books and tv shows that I just copy to the appropriate notebook as needed (I went on a similar Evernote binge a few years back and have since then been very good about keeping up with books, tv shows and movies. Every time I start one, I create a note and when I finish it, I link it in a list for Books Read, Movies Watched and TV Seasons Completed. I have lists for the last three years, and since mid-last year, every item in the list is linked to a note with my review, dates watched/read, an image of some kind, etc.).

This time around, I'm interested in using Evernote more for recordkeeping of my days. I've updated my IFTTT recipes so all my Tumblr, Twitter, LJ, Pinterest, Instagram, etc posts are backed up to my Diary stack. Now I want to keep a daily journal. This is just going to be notes to myself so that I can find out when things happened in my life, and because I will write in Swedish and English mixed, this would be of no value to anyone but me (hence why I'm not doing it on Twitter or LJ).

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Wow, that was a whole lot of writing considering I currently know of two people on my flist who even use Evernote, and both of them are mostly using other platforms these days.

Hey, speaking of other platforms, is there some kind of aggregate site where you can have an "flist" like here on LJ, but which follows *people*. So you can create a profile and then link ALL your social media sites. Then you just friend a person and get all of their streams in the same place. If this doesn't exist, I need someone to create it because people keep disappearing and I don't always know if they've left the internets entirely or if they're just using a different platform these days.

I'm rewatching New Girl season 2 (watched season 1 on Sunday) and uh-oh, Old Nick's warning about that bad thing Nick does to Jess suddenly feels like a bad omen for season 3.

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Forgot about a show in my last post:

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