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Everybody's working for the weekend

Heh, I remember they used to play that song every Friday at five on a certain South Florida radio station (Y-100) when I lived there. I wonder if they still do that?

I had a vague notion that I was going to put together a Buffy picspam in honor of the 10th anniversary, but quite frankly I got lazy and extremely distracted by fic reading. Which is all I've done all weekend - read fic. I started out with VM on Friday, moved on to Buffy on Saturday, and today I'm reading a novel-length Pride & Prejudice fic. And in a way it's kind of fitting since Buffy brought me online, brought me to fic and brought me to LiveJournal - to help me keep up with fic updates.

Speaking of fic, I think quite a few people weren't around for the initial launch, but I'd love it if all the VM fic writers would archive their fic at vm-fic.com. LJ is pretty much unparalleled for daily updates, but when you're looking for a specific fic, when you're trying to read old WIPs, when you want to find all fics by a specific author, it pretty much sucks.

Even though veronicamarsfic is one of the best fic comms in that regard because of the extensive tagging, it's still not enough because unless an author goes back to add links at the bottom of the previous chapter when they update their WIPs (which is rare), there's a lot of jumping through hoops trying to find the next chapter.

I did manage to update my V/L: MFEO picspam. Except, I can't remember who it was that suggested the "I know a lawyer" parallel after 3x13. Enlighten me? I tried to look in my episode post, but whoever mentioned it didn't mention it there.

I've been thinking about TV...Collapse )

Well, if anything ever deserved the tl;dr warning, this post is certainly it.