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I've finally started my Farscape rewatch. Started last night and right now I'm watching DNA Mad Scientist.

That's the good part about rewatches - any episodes you can do without you can just have on in the background while doing other stuff. For me, that other stuff consisted mainly of putting up a blog on my site, for posting cap updates. Mainly, I'll be using it to keep a running tab of what episodes I'll need to upload the main caps page with, but in case anyone else is interested in knowing when I upload caps, I created an LJ feed of the blog: jemscapsfeed.

I'll probably keep posting here too, the only difference is that there, the sole purpose of the post will be to link to the caps. Here, I'll tack it on to whatever I post next - even if that happens to be weeks later. So, you know, business as usual.

Speaking of tacking things on, the caps:

3×01 Season of Death
3×12 Meltdown
(Can you spot the theme? ;-)

9×10 The One With Christmas in Tulsa
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Last week, for the first time in several years, I actually entered an icon challenge. I don't even know what came over me, I was just journal-hopping and suddenly I had Photoshop open and was making challenge icons. Don't know if it'll be a regular thing, but I had fun!

Another thing I've been doing since I last posted is working on my galleries.

I've got a new look (well, as for right now, it's only the Dexter gallery, since I've been working out some kinks).

The main thing I've been trying to do is to resize the fullsize images on the intermediate image page using html, and I finally got it working! I am NOT using intermediate pictures. If you right-click and view the image on that page, or if you save it to your hard drive, you'll get the fullsized one.

Personally, I always copy the image and paste it into Photoshop when I make icons, and I've been trying to find a way of not having to use an intermediate picture, but still being able to see the whole thing without the need to scroll sideways. As it turns out, the theme I'm using also meant some restrictions, so I ended up resizing the images to fit the gallery width so it didn't start looking weird.

If you absolutely hate it, you can always change the theme by adding ?theme=water_drop (my old theme) to the url. Otherwise, you'd better get used to it because I'm slowly changing all my galleries over to the new theme. Except I'll probably do something different for vm-caps.

Also, what do you guys think of the film strip showing seven images? I feel like I get lost with so many there, maybe five is enough?
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Happy anniversary to meeeeeee

Today is my five year LJ-versary, and I had planned to post the second part of my Aeryn picspam, but then hackers happened and I lost my will to live picspam. Instead I have tried to icon (operative word here is TRIED), watched P&P and read fic. All in all, I have to say I have no regrets.

I got all my galleries up and running and so far so good. *keeps fingers crossed* If you notice anything wrong, please tell me about it.

txvoodoo linked to this site the other day: What if we all voted? It's a chance for non-Americans to vote for the candidate they like in the US presidential race. Obama is winning by a landslide.

I want to watch something, but I can't decide between starting my Farscape rewatch, finishing the last three episodes (EVER) of The Wire, Life on Mars s2, Six Feet Under s1, Wire in the Blood s5 or Spaced s2, so instead I'm just sitting here watching nothing. I think I'll just grab whichever is closest, which happens to be...Six Feet Under.
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See Barney? That's how I feel right now.

Well, I now know what I'm doing instead of having that relaxing weekend I've been dreaming about: Restoring my web site, which got HACKED. (Fuck!)

Just as a public service, since I've spent all day dealing with this shit, Collapse )

typicrobots and bellanut, I've checked your galleries and so far I haven't seen any signs of them being hacked (hacked galleries have a row of black characters at the top and bottom. Also, my script blocker pops up), but you might want to take the preventative measures I listed under the cut. Also, typicrobots, the original FNL gallery has been compromised, so I'm just going to delete it entirely (I only say this because I noticed you hadn't uploaded the caps for episode 2 yet, so you might want to do that).

Right now, the galleries that are affected are offline or the directories renamed (another side-effect seems to be that I can't log into some of them to take them offline). So far, I've only restored some of the smaller galleries, like Eureka, The Black Donnellys and [spooks] (ETA: Also: Bones, .avi, movies, Dexter, Rome, TV, British Comedies, US Comedies, Buffy, Doctor Who, The West Wing) but I hope to get vm-caps and the movie gallery up and running tonight. DONE!

Wow, this sure is FUN. /sarcasm
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Where's that quintessential Toby icon when you need it?

There are some days when the hate for people in general just boils over. Today is that day.

Newsflash for all you idiot hotlinkers out there: We know when you hotlink. And when you hotlink as stupidly as this we're even going to confront you about it. Not to mention start thinking seriously if it's even worth it to put stuff up in the first place.

And for all those times it's too much of a bother to tell you how much you suck, there's a voodoo doll out there with your name on it.

And while I'm in a ranty mood, if you're trying to make good icons, why in god's name would you save the image with such low quality that it makes the icon inherently sucky anyway? .jpgs and .pngs work best, with .gifs only being acceptable for animated icons. And .jpgs shouldn't be saved with lowered quality, or the image becomes pixelated. THIS IS BASIC STUFF, PEOPLE!
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ITEM THE FIRST: Strike almost certainly over (unless the members vote against the recommended action, which I find unlikely); showrunners returning to work on Monday.

ITEM THE SECOND: I basically just copied my cap posts from LJ and made a page on my site instead, listing all the caps. Probably a smarter alternative, primitive though it is.

ITEM THE THIRD: For those who use my galleries (or anyone with a fascination for clicking things), Collapse )

ITEM THE FOURTH: I meant to go to bed two hours ago, so here I go.