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Random thoughts

  • Both my sites are inaccessible right now because of a "power outtage". And you know that extra disc space? Gone. I knew it was too good to be true.

  • Ever go to someone's icon page and think that each individual icon has some merit, but together they just look like ass? Like the user has terrible taste? Because that just happened to me.

  • I always wonder why more iconmakers don't upload their icons to their Scrapbook album, like I've started doing. Seriously, it's the perfect solution to those hotlinking problems (you can't hotlink from any other place except LJ, and even if someone does get around it, the extra bandwidth doesn't cost you anything) and it's free (with a paid account, but I'm betting if you're making icons you've got at least one paid account around here somewhere). And no one ever has to have a stupid friendslocked icon community again.

  • Anyone else get randomly logged out of LJ about an hour ago or was that just me?

  • I was linking someone to my favorite VM posts (VM vs BtVS! VM vs TWW! Alpacka!) earlier and experienced fullblown nostalgia. And hellopoe's Logan picspams aren't helping at all.

  • Today I had to go through hundreds of posts at cap_it to find the DVD caps from Popular that I know I saw there at one point. And that's why that place needs tags.

αΩ | Φ | nobody said it was easy


Did Dreamhost just up their disc space limit again? Because suddenly I'm no longer at 65% disc space used, but 45%. And as far as I can tell my caps are still there. Oh well, I guess they'll make an announcement if that's the case.

Last night I just mentioned that I wanted to rewatch Farscape as soon as I started looking at caps, and suddenly my flist is jampacked with Farscape mentionings. Okay, that might have been an exaggeration, but there were picspams and stuff. Erm, some of it behind lock and key, so you only get the one link.

Then, in the comments of that same linked post I find a YouTube link to The Coin Toss. Tears and agony, I tell you! And now I really want to rewatch. And I think I just might do that if I can only figure out what to watch. I usually end up watching the whole thing, but it takes forever. I think I'll start with Premiere and go from there.

I haven't really mentioned what I thought about the Doctor Who finale, but I thought I should write something at least. Collapse )