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Long post is long

I've hardly read a thing since early June. Haven't finished a single book, actually, which is kind of depressing. My current subway read is Rosemary and Rue by seanan_mcguire, which is perfect right now because I find it so engrossing that I can just pick it up anywhere and remember exactly what's happened and what's going on. I really enjoy the world-building, the characters are intriguing and I'm even feeling kinda 'shippy about it. (Maybe it's just because I know she watched VM, but the first scene with Toby and Tybalt reminded me so much of this one from the pilot.)

I'm not even half-way, so no spoilers please!

But even though I'm enjoying the book and the subway is the only place I'm reading right now, I'm still thinking of getting a smart phone so that I can watch My Stories (not only on the subway, but probably there too. What can I say, I'M OBSESSED!). Anyway, I wanted to ask for recs, does anyone have any? The ones I'm looking at most are:

  • HTC Legend. The leading contender right now. Pluses: uses Android, fairly big screen for its size (and I can't really buy a bigger phone because my hands are tiny), REALLY PRETTY ALUMINUM CASING. Minuses: Wrong aspect ratio (would prefer 16:9), still kind of too big (but comfortable to hold, which mitigates it).

  • iPhone. Do I even need a link? The one that started it all, but I've never been a fan of iProducts. The only reason I'm even considering it is because I figure they've had a few generations to work out the kinks. Pluses: Lots and lots of apps probably? Minuses: My feelings about iProducts in general. Not to mention I'd probably have to install some sort of software and that ways lies madness, usually. Still the wrong aspect ratio.

Poll #1592687 New Phone!

Which phone should I get?

HTC Legend
I have a rec that I'll tell you about in the comments!

Speaking of my current obsession, here's what I've watched lately:

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I watched a couple of episodes of Tokyo Juliet, but it seems it was more of a melodrama (the title should have clued me in. What can I say, I'm kinda dense sometimes) and very much Not. My. Thing.

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I'm rewatching Goong! I'm not even sure how it happened. Yesterday I woke up really early (too hot to sleep) and I just suddenly wanted to see if the 'ship development on the show was as good and as satisfying as I remember it being so I cued up the first episode. I'm currently watching episode 13.

Can I just say that rewatching Dramas is The. Best. Thing. EVER?! And can I also just say that Alt+Right Arrow (Skip ahead 10 seconds) is my new favorite function in VLC Player? Trust me, I use it wisely and I use it well.

Time to watch another South Park episode three freakin' times. It's not like I haven't already done this twice today. UGH TIMES A THOUSAND!