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Just yesterday I was complaining to Tissa that I didn't really know where to find Buffy fic these days and today I stumbled upon story after story after rec page. Of course, it had to be today, when I'd planned to work.

Speaking of work, I am trying to get some done tonight since this American Idol episode has to be in by tomorrow because it's going to air on Tuesday, and I have to say... Collapse )

I still don't feel like I'm quite caught up. There's nothing left to read, I think, but with so many fics, etc to comment on from my time away I feel like I can't "jump the queue" and comment on stuff that's been posted after I got home. I think I probably need to get over this mental block because it's resulting in me not commenting on anything (though I have about a thousand tabs open in Firefox, so I intend to comment. I'm just not doing it. I suck).

These hate/love memes going around are making me roll my eyes. Though I'm very amused by the Buffyverse one that's not getting any comments. Heh!

For the record, I have never responded to one of those anonymous memes (not even the good ones. Because, quite frankly, I'm too lazy to log out of LJ), and if I ever have any issues I'll be sure to bring them up here in my journal. In fact, here are a couple of things that bug me, just in general:

  • People who say "It's just a TV show".
    Hello, welcome to fandom, it's very nice to meet you. You're obviously new in these parts, so feel free to look around and familiarize yourself with the terrain before you say something idiotic.

    Honestly, I think it's one of the most condescending things a person can say to another fan. In fandom I live and die with my shows. But that's my online life. I have a real life where these things are somewhat important, but not nearly to the degree that they are in my journal.

  • Hun. I am not a hun, I have never been a hun, and considering they haven't really existed on this earth since the 8th century AD, I don't understand why someone would keep calling me or anyone else that.

I managed to get a few things done before I lost the will to live cap:

Veronica Mars s1 credits
Pride & Prejudice (US ending)
Gilmore Girls 4x01
Buffy 7x03 and 7x04
The Office (US) s1 (1x04-1x06)
Scrubs s1 (1x01-1x03)
Sports Night 2x15 and 2x16

And now I'm going to have dinner and watch Doctor Who.