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Troy is the only thing keeping me from Hulk smashing right now

Hart Hanson retweeted this earlier:

Oh look, is that an Unfollow button I see?

Being annoyed with 'shippers is one thing. Being annoyed with 'shippers when you constantly tease the 'ship and then pull the rug out from the viewers for six long years, and oh yeah, are too chicken shit to write an actual romantic arc because you're convinced it'll get your show canceled, that''s something completely different. DON'T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU. Fuck you, show-runners-in-general-and-Hart-Hanson-in-particular, you suck.

(I think it says a lot about my Twitter inconstancy that I quit watching Bones a few episodes into this season and I still hadn't removed him from my feed.)

In conclusion:

~ | [insert expletive]

may contain triggery stuff, proceed with caution

I was fascinated by this yesterday, staying up until five am to read up because while I'm not even in the SPN fandom, things said on the OP's posts can teach us all a lot about how NOT to behave in fandom (i.e. don't be a victim-blaming asshat with entitlement issues). And I was really proud of how people were responding in the comments (now disabled) and how people were trying to educate the poster on why she was wrong in how she'd handled it. And I was so relieved that none of the people defending her were people on my flist (that I saw, anyway).

And then I woke up to this gem of a post, and I just lost it. Collapse )
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What is UP with spoilers right now? Have people just forgotten that you're not supposed to tell every single soul on you flist what an episode was about? Because out of the three posts in a row about last night's HIMYM on my flist this morning, two spoiled what happened, while another had reaction spoilers. NOT ON, PEOPLE!

As for the episode itself...Collapse )

On a more positive note, I made the most divine salad last night: mache lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, walnuts, chèvre (goat cheese) and chicken breast, served with honey mustard dressing. Yum! I'm having some for lunch in just a matter of minutes. I can't wait!
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Where's that quintessential Toby icon when you need it?

There are some days when the hate for people in general just boils over. Today is that day.

Newsflash for all you idiot hotlinkers out there: We know when you hotlink. And when you hotlink as stupidly as this we're even going to confront you about it. Not to mention start thinking seriously if it's even worth it to put stuff up in the first place.

And for all those times it's too much of a bother to tell you how much you suck, there's a voodoo doll out there with your name on it.

And while I'm in a ranty mood, if you're trying to make good icons, why in god's name would you save the image with such low quality that it makes the icon inherently sucky anyway? .jpgs and .pngs work best, with .gifs only being acceptable for animated icons. And .jpgs shouldn't be saved with lowered quality, or the image becomes pixelated. THIS IS BASIC STUFF, PEOPLE!
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So, it looks like the Golden Globes may be cancelled in its entirety. And not just the telecast, the whole shebang, with just an announcement of the winners. Can I just say that I think they should do this every year? Is there really anyone left who cares about the Globes, the Oscars or the Emmys other than as a source of ridicule?

And now, a brief letter of some import (probably just to me, but still):

Dear fic writers Internet users EVERYONE EVER.

I know I've talked about this before, but it's apparently not sinking in, so here is my last-ditch attempt at saving my frontal lobe from complete annihilation...

If you don't know the difference between it's and its, please, for the love of all that is holy, stop using it's altogether. I know you don't think it's possible, but it really, really, REALLY is, because, you see, contrary to what you seem to think, it's is only used as a contraction for it is. That's it! So use its and it is and you'll be a much better more grammatically correct person for it.

Thanks in advance,

I capped The Bourne Ultimatum, but when I was finally done (it's not a cinematography style suited to capping), my gallery kept timing out on me so I couldn't upload the damn caps to the album.

This prompted me to finally start transferring the television caps that used to be in that gallery into their own Misc. TV gallery (which I set up months ago, incidentally). I'm only about half-way done, but if you're looking for caps that seem to have mysteriously disappeared, they're most likely there or in transit.

Anyway, the Bourne caps are finally in the album, in case you're interested.

I'm trying to find a new layout, does anyone have any comm and/or LJ-er that they can recommend for pre-made layouts besides thefulcrum?
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I haven't signed the petition yet, because if I pledge to do this, I want it to actually be a positive thing, and I'm not so sure it is.

First of all, I buy A LOT of DVDs, so pledging not to, especially at a time when there's nothing else to watch would be a big thing for me. Especially since I'd probably be sacrificing my download ratio at my torrent site of choice and then still be buying the DVDs when the strike is over.

However, I would not hesitate to do this if I knew this was actually a good thing for the writers. But is it? My concerns are twofold:

  1. Will the writers' residuals from DVDs be retroactive so that they'll get more per DVD sold after the deal is struck, no matter when it was written, or will they only get more for what they write after the deal?

  2. Since the writers' only source of income at this point is the residuals, will they really thank us for depriving them of it by not buying the DVDs? I mean, if they won't be getting more money retroactively, I'd say we were doing them a disservice (while, yes, screwing The Man at the same time, but how big a factor is that really for them if they can't pay their rent or eat?), and if not, they might think those very real 4 cents are better now than a potential 8 cents at some point in the future.

However, joining wga_supporters and adding the interest "i support the strike" can't ever be wrong, can it?

I've been both watching The West Wing and reading some fic, and the layout of the the White House has been driving me CRAZY. Please tell me that some enterprising young fan has made floor plans, complete with screencaps and stuff.

One thing that really throws me is the fanon that C.J.'s office and Josh's office are connected. Huh? They're on opposite sides of the bullpen, right? But where does the second door in Josh's office lead? And where exactly is the writing staff located, in relation to the other offices? Where the heck is the Roosevelt room? And the situation room is downstairs, but where exactly? These, and many more questions, need to be answered pronto. Before I start trying to suss it all out myself. And I SUCK at that sort of stuff.

Related to my fic reading, but in no way disconnected from real world concerns, where do people get the idea that saying "I'm not a feminist" is a good thing? Do people really think that I, or any women in their right minds, want to hear that they don't advocate equal rights for us? Just because they have some distorted idea of what feminism is, that doesn't mean that it's not a matter of just that: equality. Just... URGH!
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Rant, rant, rant. And a poll!

I really do wish that people who don't know the difference between it's and its would just stop using it's altogether. Just write out it is and when that doesn't work in the sentence, put its. I mean, that's really all there is to it.

That and led (hint: if you're writing "lead" and pronouncing it like "led", then you're talking about a mineral with the symbol Pb in the periodic table) are my two main pet peeves because it seems that people who seem otherwise knowledgable about the English language make those mistakes constantly.

But now for more pleasant pursuits... I'm five episodes from finishing The Wire and I need something to watch.

Poll #909139 Embarrassment of riches

What TV show should I watch next?

Deadwood season 1
La Femme Nikita season 1
Rescue Me season 1
Rome season 1
Spaced seasons 1 & 2
Wire in the Blood seasons 1 & 2
Big Love season 1
Popular season 2
Stargate season 2 (last ten episodes)
Spooks season 4 (nope, still haven't watched this)
Everwood seasons 3 & 4
China Beach seasons 1-3
Rewatch The Black Donnellys pilot until it starts airing, you know you want to.

I'm doing that "100 movies in 2007" thing, and I'm only watching new-to-me movies. What movie that I own but have not seen should I watch next?

Donnie Brasco
Igby Goes Down
Inventing the Abbotts (I've seen half, but the DVD didn't work after that. I now have a new copy.)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Mean Girls
A Mighty Wind
Sin City
Un long dimanche de fiançailles (A Very Long Engagement)
Wild at Heart

Looking at that list makes me realize that I really need to update my DVD list post. Speaking of, how do you make a heart using html? Something about writing out heart, I believe? Actually, does anyone know of a site with html code for common and not-so-common characters?

I think I'm going to attempt to answer the comments to my last few picspams today/tomorrow, so if you get a reply for a comment you left a month ago, you now know why.
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I'm about this close to being Internet obnoxiousness personified by starting to comment on every entry that uses the fake cut wrong. If you don't know what a cut is? You might not want to attempt a fake cut.

And FYI, a fake cut does not equal a link.

Well, it took forever, but The Office season 2 DVDs are finally shipping today. No chance of getting them this week, I suppose (unless I'm reeeeeeally lucky and they ship from Denmark), but next week is all that I expected anyway. 17 minute gag reel, here I come! Or perhaps that should be "here you come"?

This week I've downloaded so much I fear that my external harddrive will soon run out of space. And just to put that into context: I had 130 GB free this weekend. The tally so far:

Everwood season 1
Everwood season 2
Everwood season 3
Everwood season 4
Popular season 2
Project Runway 3x08 (it just showed up!)
Justice 1x01
Prison Break 2x02

Not to mention the music! And the DVD caps!

Collapse )

Collapse )

And now I'm off to watch Project Runway.

ETA: Collapse )

ETA2: Huh, looks like I'll get to see the Emmys after all since I'll be translating it. Yay?