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See Barney? That's how I feel right now.

Well, I now know what I'm doing instead of having that relaxing weekend I've been dreaming about: Restoring my web site, which got HACKED. (Fuck!)

Just as a public service, since I've spent all day dealing with this shit, Collapse )

typicrobots and bellanut, I've checked your galleries and so far I haven't seen any signs of them being hacked (hacked galleries have a row of black characters at the top and bottom. Also, my script blocker pops up), but you might want to take the preventative measures I listed under the cut. Also, typicrobots, the original FNL gallery has been compromised, so I'm just going to delete it entirely (I only say this because I noticed you hadn't uploaded the caps for episode 2 yet, so you might want to do that).

Right now, the galleries that are affected are offline or the directories renamed (another side-effect seems to be that I can't log into some of them to take them offline). So far, I've only restored some of the smaller galleries, like Eureka, The Black Donnellys and [spooks] (ETA: Also: Bones, .avi, movies, Dexter, Rome, TV, British Comedies, US Comedies, Buffy, Doctor Who, The West Wing) but I hope to get vm-caps and the movie gallery up and running tonight. DONE!

Wow, this sure is FUN. /sarcasm
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I rant, you rant, we all rant for I rant

Here's a little tidbit for you drivers out there: You know when you're on the highway and there are three lanes and you're cruising along in the middle lane, blissfully ignorant of the traffic around you? Hi, moron, you're probably in the wrong lane. Unless you're actually in the process of passing another car you should always be in the right-hand lane.* When you're in the middle lane you're making my passing of your slow ass doubly dangerous and infinitely more annoying because I now have to cross two lanes to get past you and then cross two lanes to get back. Fuck off and die all you ignorant, useless, slow drivers.**

* British drivers? Reverse that.
** American drivers? I know this is an impossibility since a) people there usually don't know the basic concepts of driving and b) you can pass another car on the inside (which you're not allowed to do on highways in Sweden).

And since I'm on a roll here, a few more things:

  • Just because you're a non-'shipper, that does not mean your interpretations of a show are more valid.

  • By that same token, just because you started watching something before someone else, that does not mean that your interpretations are more valid or that you are "a better fan".

  • Saying something like "I hate all Logan/Veronica 'shippers" or "I hate all Spike fans" will make me think you're a freakin' idiot of the highest order. Hate the characters and 'ships all you like, but grouping every single person who likes something together like that makes you look like a half-wit. That's like saying "I hate milk, therefore I hate everyone who likes milk".

  • Oh, and saying you hate certain 'shippers and then saying you support said 'ship? Do you understand the definition of 'shipper? No, didn't think so.


In less rage-y news: I got my DVD player! (Was foiled yesterday due to the store closing at the ungodly hour of 4 p.m.) And it works perfectly and I'm watching VM on my big TV right now!

Oh, and since it's one of the few episodes I've burnt twice so I could watch it while the rest of the season was on loan I rewatched An Echolls Family Christmas and Logan getting the number of cards wrong irritates me every time. You're playing Texas Hold 'Em, for chrissakes! There are five players, all with two cards each. 2x5=10. 52-10=42. So far so good. But here's where you seem to stumbling: you've already dealt the flop, the turn and two burn cards, for a grand total of 6 more cards. 42-6=36. 36, not 42! Thank you and good night. It's really quite sad how much this annoys me every single time.

I just realized that I'm wrong. I figured the others are still in it since they're all still there, but Weevil wins the game after that so it could be the others had all crapped out before that hand, meaning 42 cards would be right. Oh, what a relief, I don't have to be annoyed anymore. Other than at my own stupidity for not realizing it sooner.
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How come small words often give us the most trouble?

etc. - the abbreviation of etcetera. ect is the acronym for electroconvulsive therapy.

yeah - yes. yea also means yes but is pronounced more like "yay" and always makes me think I've been transported back to a session of Congress in the 18th century. You know the expression "the yeas have it"? That's how it's pronounced.

aw - exclamation of cuteness. awe is an overwhelming feeling of wonder, and also not an interjection but a noun.

oops - interjection that expresses a mistake. opps is the acronym for outpatient prospective payment system.

I'm sure there are a ton of others, but these are the ones I remember seeing people mix up just off the top of my head.

In other news, just as I've lent out one DVD player, my other DVD player has stopped working. Typical. I'm going out to buy a new one now. Getting one that plays VCDs, SVCDs and .avis because...yes.
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I post, therefore I am

I've spent the day watching BBC World and their coverage of the bombings in London in between bouts of work. Well, except for the two hour period when the entire street experienced a blackout! When we lived in Florida we had blackouts constantly, but I can't tell you how uncommon they are here. In the past fifteen years I can remember three and two of them have occured since I moved to this apartment three years ago. Collapse )

luna_k pointed out a site a few days ago that is the answer to my prayers. You know, if I actually prayed. I've been wondering for ages why no one has set up a site like this. It's a bookmarking site, so that you can reach your bookmarks as long as you have Internet access (and why else would you need your bookmarks?).

It's called del.icio.us, which is a rather poorly chosen name since I can't for the life of me remember it, but if it's the only address I ever have to remember it'll be worth pounding it into my skull.

In order to sort your memorized sites you use tags (so everyone who's using them on LJ has a distinct advantage). Unfortunately they're space separated, not comma separated, so categories aren't as specific. But since you can search your tags it's still good.

I started by trying to save some of my own posts and VM fic posts and sites. Which brings me to my rant-o-the-day!


Specifically, commas when you're addressing a person.

From here:

4. Use a comma to set off parenthetical elements...

An addressed person's name is also always parenthetical.

Put those two statements together and ta-da! Always use a comma when a person is addressed.

This is one of my pet peeves and the problem is that even the best fanfic writers make that mistake. It always always ALWAYS ruins the flow of a sentence for me when there is no comma before a person's name when there should be one. Even when I know what the writer means it ruins it because it pisses me off that it's not there.

Consider these two sentences:

"I love Logan, but not you."

"I love, Logan, but not you."

See the difference? In the first, Veronica (yes, it's Veronica saying it!) is addressing someone else. Perhaps it's Casey? In the second, Veronica is addressing Logan, but she loves someone other than him (most definitely Casey. *g*). There is always a possibility for that difference to exist when a person is addressed in a fic. Sometimes it's obvious what the meaning of the sentence is, but that doesn't mean that the comma can just be discarded.

It's a rule. Learn it, love it, use it!
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"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."



1. The act or process of serving or aiding.
2. The act of performing the duties of a cleric.

Noun: ministration `mini'streyshun

1. Assistance in time of difficulty

Just doing my part to put an end to the misuse of obscure words. Heaps of praise and adulation for anyone who knows the origin of the quote in the subject line - and what the original word in question was.

And when I looked up the exact quote (yes, I research my subject lines. Shut up!) I found a site full of movie quotes with .wav files! I'm contemplating using Neo saying "Whoa" for an error message. On my other computer I have Vamp!Willow saying "Bored now". And Mulder says "They're shutting us down, Scully" every time I turn that computer off. I love useless stuff like that! Oh! And I used to have Homer Simpson shouting "The mail! The mail is here! Woohoo!" every time I got e-mail, but it got a bit tiresome after a while.
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BitTorrent guide

I'll get back to replying to all those delurking comments soon, but I wanted to make a short guide to BitTorrent, and some useful resources on the web. If you've noticed a mistake or have anything to add (new sites, the best client, other programs), please comment and I'll add it to the post.

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