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So, I got back from Tenerife about three weeks ago, but I've been putting off posting because I wanted to post some images and my Photoshop is completely shot (and my computer isn't far behind). Of course, since I just bought a new couch, I can't afford a new computer and the accompanying Photoshop until next month at the earliest. Collapse )

On vacation, I read nine books (I think. Most of them were my reread of Harry Potter), watched seven seasons of television (Lost Girl season 2, which I loved, Teen Wolf season 1 and some of season 2, which I'm extremely meh about and which I haven't even bothered to catch up on since I came back, The Walking Dead season 1, which actually started to get interesting towards the end and which I will catch up on...some day, 10 Things I Hate About You, which I enjoyed okay, but I wish they had focused less on Bianca, who bored me, as well as three seasons of Design Star), and managed to burn myself on the very last day. How I managed to burn myself on the last day when I didn't burn myself at all in the three previous weeks I'll never know, but burn myself I did.

When I got back I spent the rest of my vacation catching up on TV:

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I also watched Leverage season 4 (seriously, the only reasons to watch this show are Hardison-Parker-Eliot. The others could go in the wood chipper for all I care) and The Closer season 7 (which ended well, I think. I tried the first episode of Major Crimes, but it could barely hold my attention.)

Actually, I've watched a ton of other stuff, but I'm already bored typing out my vague thoughts about things. What I need is a freakin' 'ship to obsess about! Does anything this fall look promising?

Oh hey, did you hear? ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT STARTED SHOOTING. Eeeeee, so excited!
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Remodel this

I don't think I talked about it all that much, but most of the fall I was living with my parents because my kitchen and bathroom were being remodeled. (Of course, one reason for the lack of talking was probably the lack of posting.)

I know how much I enjoy seeing how my flist lives, so maybe someone will get a kick out of this?

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And now I'm off to take a shower!
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Gone sailing

So, since this is the last time I'll go sailing this year (unless I decide to fly down to the Mediterranean before New Years) I decided to take some pictures. Collapse )

If I wasn't so tired I'd try to figure out my TV schedule for the fall. CAT has added TDS and TCR and my schedule suddenly looks impossibly full even though the fall season hasn't even started. Of course, I tend to start watching a lot of shows, but then end up with very few by season's end.

In other news, I got Dexter season 1 and Heroes season 1 in the last week, so what am I watching, you ask? Why ER season 1, of course. Duh!

(Earlier today I backed up all my public entries to JournalFen, so I'll be crossposting to that journal now as well.)