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Just another manic Sunday

I've been working today - rather reluctantly, I'm afraid (it's no fun working on a Sunday so you can take Friday off to go to a funeral. *sigh*), but I've finally reached the second interview on Conan and since it's Tim Gunn I'm actually looking forward to it. Plus, Tim Gunn and Larry the Cable Guy in the same universe studio? That's gotta be just mind-boggling.

Speaking of work, I have a question for those of you who are old school Doctor Who fans. The Doctor (apparently) has a granddaughter (who knew?). So does the Doctor have a son or daughter? Because in the Swedish language, these things matter.

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Sometimes my anal retentiveness really does pay off. Like now that farscape-caps.com is MIA, I'm so happy I got almost all the caps downloaded with SpiderZilla back in the day. I was thinking about putting together an Aeryn picspam (which will probably turn into two picspams), and thanks to said anal retentiveness I was able to go through all of the season 1 caps this weekend. When I find the time, I'll start on season 2, but yesterday I also started putting together a kissing picspam and right now I'm more into that one. So into it that I'm actually capping key episodes of VM, Friends and The X-Files.

And regarding that hotlinker from the other day, I've removed the album from my gallery and I won't put it back until the hotlinking is gone, which I'm thinking might be a while, so, you know, you can thank this person for that.