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don't get any big ideas

In the comments of my post last week there was a discussion about the second (in actual fact, the third) door in Josh's office, and whether anyone ever used it. A lo and behold, in the very next episode I watch (Celestial Navigation for those playing at home) what do I see? That's right, Sam entering through the door. Of course, when I said in the comments that I knew that Sam entered through that door in a scene, that wasn't the scene I was talking about, so I'm still going to have to keep an eye out for that one.

For some reason I fell behind on Dexter and I only just watched the last couple of episodes in the past few days. Collapse )

Here's hoping Long Way Down isn't as late this week as it was last week, because 2 am is really altogether too late to start watching something that's an hour long.