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Did you miss me?

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I returned home to find some DVD sets had arrived in my absence: The Closer season 2 (despite all your sage advise in my poll, I started with The Closer instead of Bones since it had a much shorter season. And found I liked it well enough to want to keep watching. And now I can!), and Eureka season 1. (Hey, Tissa, want caps? ;-)

Speaking of caps, the weather is going to be pretty bad for the foreseeable future so I thought I'd use a few rainy vacation days to cap some stuff. I had a few requests that I thought I'd get out of the way (Rushmore, The Mothman Prophecies, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and some others I can't remember right now), so if you want to add to the pile (movies or TV), feel free.
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Things I learned on my summer vacation

  • Driving on the Autobahn is fun. Like really, really fun.

  • Belgium has pretty crappy highways. (The Netherlands has the best out of the three countries I drove through. And it's kind of funny how you just have to pass over the border and go from dreamlike conditions to terrible ones.)

  • Even when it's cold enough for steam to come out of your mouth, you can still get a sunburn if you sit out on the deck and read all day.

  • It does not take ten days to sail from Ostend to Stockholm. In fact, it takes about half that.

  • Skip=850 (on Friends filter only!) takes about six hours to go through, even if you save the fic for another day.

  • Even if you do save the fic for another day, one day is not nearly enough time to go through it all when you're also trying to unpack, get the cat, go grocery shopping and catch up with Doctor Who.

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Back early

Due to unforeseen circumstances the sailing trip was cut short. Midsummer was glorious - sunshine and hardly a cloud in the sky. See icon for photographic evidence. Saturday was rainy and dreary, but today the wonderful weather returned, albeit in a cooler version. Let me tell you, it's bizarre to experience a Midsummer Night's Eve with no rain. According to reports we haven't had a Midsummer this nice since the early 90s.

All my reading plans went up in smoke with this early return. I only managed to read one book - Rats Saw God (which I enjoyed a great deal) - and the other ten books I brought along remain unopened. But I did reread theohara's season 2.

Have caught up on my flist. Almost... Haven't read fic and I have about ten tabs still open in Mozilla (most of them the aforementioned fic). I worked through quite a lot though, I must've had 50 tabs open by the time I'd gone all the way back to Thursday. Needless to say I didn't comment on anything. Fic posts will be read tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I still have three days off and I'm in the mood for capping, so what should I cap?

Poll #520771 Monday capping spree

What to cap?

Alias season 1
Arrested Development season 1
Battlestar Galactica season 1
Coupling season 1
Dawson's Creek season 4
The Peacekeeper Wars
Gilmore Girls season 2
West Wing season 2
Movies! (Comment! Most of them are listed here)
Other. (I shall expand in comments.)

And now I'm off to see the Kitchen Confidential pilot. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll like this one because I really really want to.