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It's 2009! Hallelujah!

For someone who doesn't really make new year's resolutions, I feel like I've made quite a lot of them this year. Mostly they're continuations of things I'm already doing, I'm just buckling down and focusing on them. So, this year I'm:

  • Lending more money through Kiva.org. Not just making the odd loan whenever I remember to go to the site, but I'll be putting in 25 dollars every month. And with the loans that are being repaid, that should mean about 15 new loans over the next year. Possibly more, depends on the time they'll be paid back in.

  • Reading more books. Okay, so this was my only "non-resolution" last year and I failed miserably - except in one respect: I started reading books in genres I don't usually read. Books that take time and consideration in a way thrillers and mysteries just don't. I think that's why I couldn't quite get the hang of it - it was like learning to read again.

  • Paying back debt. (Says she who just spent 100 bucks at BPAL. Sorry, $100.50..)

  • Trying to make some headway on all those picspams I've got planned. There are so many of them and they're so ambitious (well, some of them) that I just feel overwhelmed by it. My new motto when it comes to picspams: Just do it.

  • Taking more pictures. And since my parents gave me a new camera for Christmas, Collapse )