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Wonder Woman=6?

I was just looking at Tricia Helfer's imdb page and on a whim I clicked on a Message Board discussion (something I've never done) and someone said that she should be considered for Wonder Woman and something in me just clicked. Wouldn't she make a kick-ass Wonder Woman? She's tall enough, she'd look amazing in the suit and she can actually act. Novel concept for an action heroine, I know.

Someone should really tell Joss.

Still haven't seen last night's Gilmore Girls. Don't really feel motivated to. Which might explain my almost undeniable temptation to spoil myself for the show. So far this season I can barely even remember to download it, much less watch it, and I'm thinking this latest spoiler that's got everyone in such a state might just intrigue me enough to ratchet up my interest a few notches. Oh well, it's not like I have to decide right now. The spoilers will still be there when I've made up my mind - one way or another.

Thanks for all the help on the computer issue yesterday. I ran three spyware scans, deleted a bunch of unnecessary files, but I think what really did the trick was the defrag. Stupid Windows for telling me it wasn't necessary! From now on I'm doing regular defrags, I don't care what it tells me.

In other news, I didn't finish until well after nine yesterday, so I never got to finish translating Nocturne. Can I just say that I think the fight between Syd and Vaughn at the end must have been very therapeutic for both the characters and the actors? Well, I just did, so I guess that means I can.

And now I'm off to pick up a mystery package! It's either VM s1 and AD s2 or GG s4 and the VM soundtrack. I know which one I'm hoping for...