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It was a good day

I haven't posted much lately because I've been a bit bad-moody and I tend to overreact and say things that are best left unsaid. But today was great. Allow me to elaborate:

  1. Calling all heroes: Best of The Colbert Report! I know what I'm getting myself for Christmas...

  2. LiveJournal is giving three days free time to everyone with a paid account (because of the outtage last week). Go here to claim it. I think you had to have had a paid account at the time of the outtage, though. Offer only valid through August 6, so better do it now.

  3. Bryan Fuller talks about how the role of Chuck was written with Caroline Dhavernas in mind. Aaron and Jaye are the closest I've ever gotten to getting bitten by the incest bug, just because I love them so much every time they're on screen together, so to see them together on another show would have made my year. Unfortunately, it was not to be. (NUTS!)

  4. Went to the movies and saw Collapse )

Since I last posted I've capped Shaun of the Dead and the X-Files series finale.
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Dear Jennifer,

Your order which includes the following item(s):

DVD / Veronica Mars - Complete Second Season 1 pcs. SEK 468,99

...will be shipped within the next 12 hours. Depending on stock status, it will be shipped from either Germany, Holland or Denmark.

  • I got Extras s1, the next volume of Doctor Who s2 and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

  • I went to see Dead Man's Chest.

  • Despite the heavy workload right now, I'm loving the subject matter (which would be the history of Sweden. Right now it's a series about the witch hunts of the 17th century, but there's also another series about a Templar Knight).

  • I bought a new calendar for my Filofax. I love anything that will help me organize.

  • I have pie, ice cream and yesterday's TDS and TCR cued up.

It's a good day.

ETA: From lapses - VM s2 DVDs extended V/L scene. Make that an awesome day.