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So, today is the day we find out if there's going to be any more TV this season, huh? To be honest, I don't know quite what to think. On the one hand, sure, the terms are better now in that they include online content AT ALL, but a 17-24 day grace period when nothing is paid to the writers? In Internet time, that's aaaages.

And the way the AMPTP has been acting? I suspect that they've been going around shouting about the strike being over so that in case their deal isn't acceptable to the WGA members, the AMPTP can claim that they're being unreasonable. Just because they were offered anything at all. I'll be happy if the writers find the terms sufficient, but if they vote to continue the strike, I'm not going blame them for it.

PS. Looks like we'll have our answer in half an hour. Or rather, 48 hours.

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Good PR and bad PR

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For the longest time, I've been pulling for NBC. They're the underdogs of the big four, they seem to be more willing than most to foster good shows and they do have some great programming. They're pretty much the only network that I've ever felt some modicum of affection for (with ABC and CBS I just don't care and with FOX there's outright hate), but during the writers strike they've eroded that goodwill and the last bits crumbled today when I read that they sacked the entire writing staff of Days of Our Lives. Wow, what TOOLS.