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I haven't posted in over a month and the sad thing is that I still don't feel like I have anything to post about. But I'm going to give it a try nonetheless, because this is getting ridiculous.

My Year in Entertainment
I'm trying for the 100 / 100 / 100 trifecta this year. That is: 100 movies watched, a 100 television seasons completed, 100 books read. I'm totally counting rereads/rewatches or I'd never make it in a million years. So far I'm doing pretty good on the books and movies front (13 books read, 9 movies watched), but the TV seasons category is probably not going to start paying serious dividends until all the May season finales.

Last year I tried to get back into capping, and I must say, it's paying off this year. Over my holiday/Christmas I capped the first discs of three of my DVD sets:

And I also started my Farscape rewatch (now stalled) by capping the first six episodes of season 1.

I Shop, Therefore I Am
I've been spending TONS of money this month. Most of it came from Christmas/birthday money, so it's not too bad (my favorite purchase was a Global chef's knife. Cost me my parents a fortune, but soooo worth it. Damn, but a good knife will just make your day when you're cooking), except that last night at three am I went on a spending spree at various online clothes stores. Collapse )

I Watch TV, Therefore I Am
At least, that's how it used to be, but while I'm liking a lot of stuff, I'm obsessive about nothing right now. The closest I get is Fringe, but it's been so long since we've had a new episode that it's not at the forefront of my mind at the moment.

Recently, I have watched:

So that's the state of me. I'll try not to crawl into a hole for another month. If I could only find the inspiration to picspam...
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Since I last posted, I've...

  • Become a purse-oholic, with two new purses under my belt. Collapse )

  • Been to see The Proposal. Collapse )

  • Caught up with Eureka. Collapse )

  • Redone my laptop desktop using Rainmeter and ObjectDock. I'm only using standard settings, because I'm useless at this kind of stuff, Collapse )

  • Pretty much become obsessed with Ace of Cakes. I've watched every episode I could get my hands on, but it's not exactly the easiest show to find episodes of.

  • Come to the sad realisation that my new-found obsession with Eric/Sookie is the most fannish I've felt in years. Season 3 of HIMYM was a fannish high-point, sure, but it still didn't feel like THIS. I'm not sure how the hell this happened, and Collapse )

  • Been extra GLEEFUL about Glee, since hellopoe pointed out this complete version of Gold Digger that's viewable to non-Americans. (Thaaaaaank you!)

  • Realized that NEW TV is but a few scant weeks away (speaking of which, there haven't really been any leaked pilots this year, WTF?), and I've hardly caught up with any of the shows that I meant to catch up on this summer. I guess I'll just have to stay perpetually behind on my TV watching.

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Sometimes, 100x100 pixels are not enough to convey all that you want to say

This is not good. I mean, yeah, I'd basically given up on this TV season, but now I'm starting to get really nervous about next season.

You know, I'm trying to keep a positive attitude, but this year has just been a big ball of SUCK so far. I've gotten sick twice, I have Family Drama happening (though this is a reoccurring source of Family Drama, things seem to be coming to a head right about now), one of my closest friends has had to be referred to a specialist because she may have a congenital heart defect, I've had not one but TWO video files (both rush jobs) containing glitches, making me miss (or possibly miss, depending on what tomorrow brings) deadlines, and I already feel like I'm falling behind on my reading.

On the other hand, in a fit of self-pity I ordered Atonement the other day. It's coming out on DVD on February 4th. The next day sees the release of both the complete Slings & Arrows (which is why I haven't ordered any of the individual seasons yet, even though I had planned to) and The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford, which I'm curious about despite my Brad Pitt apathy.

Is there anything else particularly awesome happening soon? Goodness knows I could use a pick-me-up or twenty.
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sick, sick, sick

Most of you seem to be only too happy that 2007 is but a memory, but I actually had a pretty good year. However, if the first two days of 2008 are any indication, this year will not be so good.

It started at four am on New Year's Eve, as I in vain tried to sleep while my neighbors cranked their karaoke machine up to the highest setting. Now, I like to think I'm a pretty tolerant neighbor, and had it just been music I wouldn't have minded, but being tortured with drunken and inept singers at four am is just not fun.

Then on New Year's Day I wake up with a cold. This cold stayed with me throughout all of yesterday and today, today with the added bonus of a pounding headache!

2008 can start getting better any minute now. *taps foot impatiently*

My one and only resolution this year is to read more. I'm going to try to read 50 books, but that's not the resolution - reading is. Last year my resolution wasn't to watch 100 movies, it was learning to like movies again (which I think I did).

I've seen people posting their books/movies/tv show lists public, but I've privated mine, and I'll make it public at the end of the year, just like last year. Unless people are wildly curious about what I'm up to?

The whole "watch 500 episodes" thing is kind of laughable to me, though, because I watched 83 full seasons of shows, and if I estimated an average of 18 episodes per season, that's still almost 1500 episodes in one year. In other words, I won't be counting episodes. I'm not sure the entry wouldn't max out on characters before the six-month mark.

I spent part of New Year's Eve putting my DVDs - which had been scattered all over my apartment - in order (to get a fresh start for the new year). Then I took pictures, because I'm thinking if I ever have to put in an insurance claim for all these DVDs, no one's going to believe me if I don't have proof.

Collapse )
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I have reached my goal! Woohoo, 100 101 movies! I actually watched FIVE yesterday, though I went off-course a bit when I went to a friend's place to watch some movies last night. We saw The Simpsons Movie, Babel and Requiem for a Dream, and in addition, I watched Pan's Labyrinth and Casablanca, and then today I saw Brokeback Mountain and Hotel Rwanda.

So now I'm trying to finish off my Year in Entertainment post (which I've also made public), and I realized it might be a good idea to add the shows I watch that have finished airing all their pre-strike episodes in case there won't be any more this season (and I forget which ones I finished before the new year and which ones I didn't). So far I've got:

The Office
Pushing Daisies
How I Met Your Mother

But what about:

30 Rock
Gossip Girl
My Name is Earl
Samantha Who?


aaand that's all I can think of, though I feel like there should be more.

Since I probably won't be posting more before the new year, HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!
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Mixed Nuts

I've been really lax in my movie watching for the past...oh, two months or so. It's okay, though, because I'd racked up a lot of movies before then. I'd been stranded on number 46 (Stranger than Fiction) for a couple of weeks now, but I want to hit 50 before the month is out (the halfway point), and since I'm going sailing after Midsummer, I haven't got loads of time to get there so tonight I watched Music and Lyrics. I spent pretty much the whole movie going "who IS that guy in the music video?" HELLO! (Now aren't you sad you don't have the IMDb extension installed? ;-) Almost enough to make me feel like picking up FNL again.

Not watching movies doesn't mean I haven't been watching other stuff. Stuff like Collapse )
Collapse )

There certainly don't seem to be any easy answers to the whole environment issue, but I did lend money through kiva.org, an organization that asta77 pointed out the other day. You lend out money, you don't donate. When the loan has been repaid, you can either withdraw the funds or lend them out again. I like that I had control over just who to lend money to, because for me it feels important that the money goes to a woman, and because of Planet Earth, I wanted it to be an African woman. I'm not even sure I can articulate just exactly why, but the African situation often feels that much more urgent. Maybe next time I'll look elsewhere.

Anyway, kiva.org only takes care of one aspect of the problem, and I'm looking around for a) a general nature conservationist organization, and b) an organization that focuses on sex education and contraception to donate to. So if you know of any reputable ones, I'd love to hear about it.

I'm feeling indecisive about what to watch next. Collapse )
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Work Avoidance Technique #57

So. I haven't posted in over two weeks. I guess I just feel like I don't have much to say right now, except for right after I watch TAR, and that's just sad. I've been saying my piece in comments instead.

I've had a few other things I've thought about posting about (like when I translated an E! True Hollywood Story about Mean Girls and couldn't manage to write Lohan even once without typing Logan first, or when I realized that Drive wasn't premiering until April and why couldn't they have the premiere earlier when all the other shows were on hiatus? Which, you know, moot point because it's April now. Stuff like that), but they barely make up a vague outline of a post so I never did.

I've found it quite easy to keep up with my 100 Movies in 2007 project (except I need to go on a movie shopping binge because I'm running out of movies to watch. So, anyone got any recs?), and I'm happy to say that it's actually making me enjoy movies more than I have in a while. I'm sure a lot of that was due to me watching Secretary and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in one day because I really enjoyed both of those. Of course, after that I watched Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, which nearly undid all the hard work of the previous two, but then I capped Secretary and all was good again.

I feel like a moron for not realizing that there's a Google calendar even though I switched over to using my Gmail as my standard email account months ago. Now I just need to figure out how the damn Firefox extension works...

I really need to make icons or something, that usually puts me in more of an LJ mood.