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  1. Am I the only person who thinks that Brad Pitt is wholly unremarkable? Like, zero charisma (except for when he played Tyler Durden and I think most of that was in the writing).

  2. I spent the afternoon installing my new DVD/surround system, and of course I can't find a sound cable to connect the TV to it (so that I can get surround sound for my computer). OF COURSE. I probably have about a billion of them somewhere, but a fat lot of good that's doing me now. I'll probably pop out and buy one tonight - I'm not wired for patience.

  3. The rain that was forecast only showed up intermittently, so I haven't done much capping. I only capped PotC: Dead Man's Chest and the Eureka credits so far. And nothing has been uploaded. Go me! /sarcasm

  4. I recently switched to a new layout that goes all wonky with images that are 600+ px (on my widescreen, at least), and suddenly it seems that everyone on my flist is posting HUGE images uncut. What's up with that? I think I'm going to have to go find myself that Greasemonkey script that cut images over a certain size...

  5. While I did continue watching Studio 60 when it picked back up, I haven't seen the last few episodes, and I think I'm done. I can't imagine the kind of fundamental shift that I need in order to care has taken place, so... In the end it wasn't anger that made me stop watching, it was apathy. As is usually the case for me.

  6. Hi, Laura!