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More LJ stuff

Now that there have been LJ URL changes I kinda want to change my user name (and I get a free rename token!), but I don't know to what. I'd like jems, but that journal's been inactive for six years and doesn't look like it'll be deleted or purged anytime soon. So what to do?

What should my user name be?

Other, in comments.
Don't change it. Who cares about the longer URL?

P.S. For those wondering why I still want some version of "jems" it's because they're my initials.

LiveJournal also finally explained their reasoning for prompting password changes (it's a security issue, not just for you, but for everyone who has you friended), so I'm finally gonna change it. As soon as I can figure out a password I won't forget.

ETA: Since it took me at least a couple of minutes to find the link, here's where you change your password.