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On notice: work, LJ, Buffy picspams

So, I'm translating Peep Show and I can't figure out what Jeremy means when he calls Mark "the ghost at the feast". I'm figuring it's some kind of idiom and from the context I'd guess it could refer to someone being bitter or unhappy with their lot in life. Maybe? Can anyone help?

Hey, you know how everyone's been complaining about the new update page? Well, I haven't, because I always post using my Semagic client. However, yesterday I was editing a post, which is something I often do on the site instead of through the client, and I was editing a private entry (a picspam I'm putting together) and the stupid update page defaulted the security setting to public! WTF?! And it does this every time, with every security setting. That is just so bad it's not even funny. Guess I'll have to go back to editing posts with the client again.

I was just thinking the other day how weird it was that I've never picspammed Buffy when I picspam VM almost weekly. And also, how weird it is that hardly anyone ever picspams the show. I mean, it's really pretty! And there are screencaps available all over the place!

Anyway, I was considering picspamming, but then I realized that just the mere thought exhausted me because I felt like I had to cover everything (and by "everything" I mean "everything Spike/Buffy", because I'm nothing if not 'ship loyal) and the picspam would be HUUUGE. I'm going to have to think of a theme before I attempt anything.

asta77, I got your card. Thank you! And also: hee!
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After the US election two years ago, this is what I had to say:

I really feel that this outcome will mean that America and the world will be worse off in four years, just like we're worse off today than we were four years ago. How much worse? Well, that depends on how much the American public is willing to put up with.

I guess we have our answer: The American public will put up with anything, considering they're hardly blinking an eye at having their basic human rights taken away.

The disgust I feel for Bush cannot even be expressed in words. He's committing war crimes and pardoning himself for them retroactively and he's not being impeached?

"Land of the free" my ass! "Land of the free to be tortured" is more like it. And now every American citizen can join in the fun since you no longer have any rights. Congratulations!

In other news, I'm getting the Generator Layout of Doom, and no matter what I do I can't get my old layout back, so I figured I could at least go and change my comment pages to the default style, but I've been to every single settings page I can think of and I can't find it.

Fixed! Thanks for the help.

Happy birthday to Ashley and Clara!
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Random thoughts

  • Both my sites are inaccessible right now because of a "power outtage". And you know that extra disc space? Gone. I knew it was too good to be true.

  • Ever go to someone's icon page and think that each individual icon has some merit, but together they just look like ass? Like the user has terrible taste? Because that just happened to me.

  • I always wonder why more iconmakers don't upload their icons to their Scrapbook album, like I've started doing. Seriously, it's the perfect solution to those hotlinking problems (you can't hotlink from any other place except LJ, and even if someone does get around it, the extra bandwidth doesn't cost you anything) and it's free (with a paid account, but I'm betting if you're making icons you've got at least one paid account around here somewhere). And no one ever has to have a stupid friendslocked icon community again.

  • Anyone else get randomly logged out of LJ about an hour ago or was that just me?

  • I was linking someone to my favorite VM posts (VM vs BtVS! VM vs TWW! Alpacka!) earlier and experienced fullblown nostalgia. And hellopoe's Logan picspams aren't helping at all.

  • Today I had to go through hundreds of posts at cap_it to find the DVD caps from Popular that I know I saw there at one point. And that's why that place needs tags.

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Weekend update

Mom update: They still don't really know what's wrong, but they're suspecting a kidney infection. She'll be staying in the hospital at least over the weekend.

Work update: Still no files, but since "middle of the week" definitely doesn't translate into "Monday the following week" they're just going to have to accept a postponement in the deadline.

Thanks for all the comments on the last entry. I almost disabled comments because I feel completely socially inept when it comes to answering comments like that. And I also feel completely inept at replying to posts like that, not because I don't want to say something, but because I want it to be honest when I do and I'm not comfortable with the *hug*-ing. It just doesn't feel genuine when I type it, because it's not something I would do. I'm not talking about others here, I'm just talking about what feels genuine for me, and hugging, in any form, just...doesn't.
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I think my poor Firefox is going to crash one of these days

Mostly from under the weight of all those extensions I keep installing. Today I have added:

  • PDF Download. I hate .pdf documents opening automatically and I always never even notice that it is a .pdf document until it's too late and I have to sit there for, like, ever until the Adobe Reader has opened. This one gives you a popup with the choices to Download, Open or View as html.

  • Image Zoom. Does exactly what it says.

  • ColorZilla. Gives you an eyedropper tool on the status bar which allows you to sample any color in the window, then provides you with the RGB and/or hex value of the color you selected.

  • LiveJournal Hook. Adds LJ specific coding to the right-click context menu. Highlight, right-click, select LJ Hook, and then the coding of your choice. Also has a user pic randomizer (I disabled this one immediately) and smilies.

  • Livejournal Friends Checker. I think I'll probably end up uninstalling this one because I can't figure out a way for it to check a certain filter as opposed to my default friends view. Which I never read because I have every single comm I belong to on there. Well, almost every single one.

  • Clippings. This one allows you to save form responses, e-mail signatures, stuff like that, and adds them to the right-click context menu. Probably great for community mods who have a standardized reply to queries and the like.

  • Undoclosetab was my favorite find of the day. I've never found a good replacement for this extention, which doesn't work with updated versions of Firefox, but in the comments I found a link to one that I was able to install, and now I'm just hoping that it works. *crosses fingers*

Ones I'm still thinking about installing:

  • FoxLingo. An integrated Babblefish!

  • EMail_Notifier Toolbar. Get e-mail notifications for Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Gmail and POP3 accounts.

  • Anonymization Toolbar. You never know when you might need a sockpuppet. *nods wisely*

  • Gmail Space. Allows you to use your Gmail account for file storage. Looks sort of like an ftp client. Speaking of which...

  • FireFTP. An integrated ftp client. Can't hurt, right?

Three extensions I downloaded recently and have found extremely useful:

  • Download Statusbar. I disabled the Download manager because it annoyed me whenever it popped up, but I missed being able to chart the progress of a download. This extension makes it possible to view downloads in a pop-up status bar.

  • Save Link in Folder. Allows you to customize folders to save links in when you right-click. I have my Desktop, My Music and My Videos folders preselected.

  • Save Image in Folder. Same as above except for images. I mostly just use it to save wallpapers directly into my Wallpapers folder. I also have my Desktop preselected because that's where I put everything that I don't want to keep in my system. And strangely enough I don't really have many images on my computer except for my caps, and even they're just back-up.

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(no subject)

What is up with VM fic right now? Hardly anything has been posted for ages! I mean, I expected it to die down when the first bout of excitement died down, but I didn't expect it to keel over and die completely.

LJ is being fun again. Yesterday I made comments in various entries and when I went back to check? They were gone. Then I received replies and went to respond to them. Only the replies weren't there. What the hell?! And right now I'm only getting about 2/3 of all comments e-mailed to me, so if you're talking to me somewhere and I'm not responding, that may be the reason.

Since my internet connection disappeared last night (at the same time as it did the night before! Must be maintenance or something. Don't these people know you need your internet connection most at 2 am? They should really schedule those things for 4 or 5 - at least then you can give up and go to bed) I watched the pilot of Prison Break, which finally finished. Collapse )
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(no subject)

I've been watching in fascination as the More Icons Petition! comments have been steadily rising. Dear lord, almost 2200 comments in less than 24 hours. Much less than 24 hours. More like 18...

And if you haven't signed it yet, what are you waiting for? Everyone needs more icons! Okay, I need more icons. *g*

Am having another excruciating day of translating. I spent half an hour trying to figure out how to translate the word "novice" when used as an adjective. I'm so not even kidding. I ended up using fledgling, which took me about a half-hour to come up with because how do you search for that perfect word when someone's used a noun as an adjective? I spent about five minutes just trying to wrap my brain around that (and the fact that they'd actually used a noun as an adjective. Still can't get over that).

See, this is how I spend my days. Oh, and reading fic, obsessively refreshing the flist to find something to distract me and other worthwhile endeavors, naturally.

Late last night I watched Hell's Kitchen, which I'd downloaded without even knowing what it was. I thought it was funny to watch the chef in action, talk about mean (but mostly deservedly so), but I don't think I'll watch it again. Enough with the reality shows already! I need some good dramas.

So, has anyone seen any other good new show or leaked pilots, etc? Maybe it's too soon for that.