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So, I bought a laptop (and wireless network) today. Sorta spur of the moment. "Sorta", because I'd planned to buy one next week, but I realized that in buying a laptop now I could go sailing this weekend. I install some programs, take it with me and do the work I'd planned to do at home on the boat instead.

And I think I'm ALMOST done. The important stuff is there:

  • Titlevision, aka the program I actually need in order to work.

  • Firefox, which I had to install twice due to my own idiocy. I installed the Swedish version first, and NO. Just NO.

  • Zoom Player. My preferred media player. I love the play list function and the simplicity of it.

  • Semagic. Yeah, hi, I'm still crossposting here.

HOWEVER, the first thing I did was uninstall Norton (GRRR, why would this be automatically installed? So much hate!) and I need an anti-virus program. I know there's one that I've seen linked. Free, three letter combination that starts with an A, I think? Any of this ring a bell?

Also, if anyone has any good links about Vista - such as what sucks, what you should or can change/disable, I'd love to see them.

(P.S. Some of my icons look horrible on this screen. I'm gonna have to find a way to fiddle with the settings.)