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Everybody's working for the weekend!

I'm currently halfway through The Deeper Meaning of Liff, which is like my favorite new thing. For those not in the know, it's "a dictionary of things there aren't any words for yet", by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd. All words are really geographical places. Collapse )

And let me tell you, by the time I stopped working at almost eight last night, I was feeling hynish in the extreme. But today was the first day of my five day weekend, so today is a happy day!

I've been watching a lot of TV since my last update. A LOT. I'm almost back to my January levels, after dropping to alarmingly low levels in March.

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I've run out of NCIS seasons on DVD, so unless this Farscape itch gets its claws in me completely, I think the next show in the pipeline is going to be Deadwood. Finally!

I've been really good about adding 25 bucks to my Kiva account each month, and so far this year, I've made seven new loans (the repaid loans have enabled me to loan $175, even though I've only put $100 into my account)! And I think that once this year is up, I'll probably be able to make at least a loan a month in perpetuity without adding another cent.

And since I love the idea of this site so much, here's that link again:

Kiva - loans that change lives

And if you do decide to make a loan, do join the fandom team. The number of members has doubled since my last mention, and the amount loaned has quadrupled, but I still think fandom can do much more.

And if you're into country rivalry, Team Sweden just passed Team USA, which is simply pitiful, you guys. Come on, where's your patriotism?! ;-) (If you're wondering where my patriotism is, I don't care so much about the US being ahead of us, since the US population is about 30 times the size of ours. I just want us to beat those @%!#^/$ Norwegians!)
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VM 2x05

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Caps! Right-click/copy link location. Copy+paste in new window, add h. ETA: All uploaded to vm-caps.com

And now for something completely different: Language. Until I got online I was under the impression that "suffice it to say" was how the phrase goes. But an extraordinary amount of people on these here Internets use "suffice to say" (which makes absolutely no sense to me. "It suffices to say", maybe, but not just "suffice"). When Veronica said it in NitW I just had to find out what the deal was.

So yesterday I finally looked it up for myself, and as it turns out, both are correct. "Suffice it to say" is the more common phrase, but "suffice to say" is apparently a more archaic version that is mainly used by non-Americans.

Load off my mind, let me tell you.
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"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."



1. The act or process of serving or aiding.
2. The act of performing the duties of a cleric.

Noun: ministration `mini'streyshun

1. Assistance in time of difficulty

Just doing my part to put an end to the misuse of obscure words. Heaps of praise and adulation for anyone who knows the origin of the quote in the subject line - and what the original word in question was.

And when I looked up the exact quote (yes, I research my subject lines. Shut up!) I found a site full of movie quotes with .wav files! I'm contemplating using Neo saying "Whoa" for an error message. On my other computer I have Vamp!Willow saying "Bored now". And Mulder says "They're shutting us down, Scully" every time I turn that computer off. I love useless stuff like that! Oh! And I used to have Homer Simpson shouting "The mail! The mail is here! Woohoo!" every time I got e-mail, but it got a bit tiresome after a while.