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DVD whore

Many, many, many things today (most specifically this icon) have conspired to remind me of my favorite kisses post that I wrote a while back. I spent some valuable time searching for it, because of course the tag I used was less than useful. I finally found it and tagged it properly. Right now, I think this kiss *points to icon* would take the number three spot, edging out P/J. Sorry, but it had to be done.

ETA: Vague allusions to TWW promo in comments.

I also surfed around my favorite DVD buying spots to see if there was something I needed. The only ones I can think of are Dead Like Me season 2, Scrubs season 3 and Moonlighting season 3. Which is pretty pitiful if you ask me. I should be able to rustle up interest in a few more fandoms, preferrably ones where my excitement is more than lackluster.

However, I did pre-order the first DVD of the new Doctor Who series. It's being released on May 1st. The second disc is being released in June. I find it funny that I'm ordering it before it's even started airing. Gotta love those Brits. I do not, however, love the fact that there still hasn't been a DVD release of The Christmas Invasion. What's up with that anyway? Maybe it'll be on the first DVD. One can always hope, right?

Also? Life on Mars season 1 is being released, but not until next year.

Still no word on TWW season 7, but I'm guessing early fall, like with season 6 last year.

I hadn't realized how much I really wanted Showtime to pick up Arrested Development until the definitive news that they wouldn't came. At least now it'll be perfect forever. As soon as someone removes all traces of Charlize Theron. I mean, in this day and age there's gotta be some enterprising young tech geek who's willing to re-edit those five episodes to remove her presence, right?

I have not watched the cold open or the promo for this week's VM. I'm getting pretty excited about the show again (not based on spoilers, just the general vibe of the episodes getting better) and for some reason this means I have no inclination to spoil myself. I think it's because when you're disappointed in the episodes you need those promos and stuff to keep up the excitement throughout the week.

Also, for me, being spoiled lessens the enjoyment by a factor, not by a set amount. So when I'm not very excited about a show, being unspoiled increases the enjoyment only marginally, while being very excited and being unspoiled increases the enjoyment by a whole lot.
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A kiss is still a kiss

Okay, I give up. It's a meme. themoonbar was asked her favorite on-screen kisses in the five things meme and I got to thinking and I just had to do it. So, my favorite on-screen TV kisses are revealed beneath the cut.

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