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sixes and sevens

Well, it seems my experiment failed. Not because I didn't have anything happy-making happen yesterday, but because I feel asleep at nine freakin' thirty! A day of shopping just simply whiped me out. Shopping which, incidentally, provided me with my happy moment...

Happy Day 6: I found a holder for round cotton pads! Okay, so this might not seem like such a happy moment to most, but I've been looking for one since this summer, and while I used to see holders all the damn time about two years ago when I wasn't looking for one, it seems that since then they've simply stopped making them. Man, I think I've looked in every supermarket, IKEA, DIY and bath accessories store in the greater Stockholm area and come up empty. I made one last-ditch attempt at IKEA yesterday and - yay! - found one.

Happy Day 7: I was clearing some space on my external hard drive, going through and deleting files, and I found the modernized remake of Much Ado About Nothing that I downloaded several months ago and promptly forgot about. Yay, something I really want to watch at a time when I have free time!

Slightly delayed, here are the answers to Friday's cap game. Only number 6 wasn't identified correctly.

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IKEA will take over the world!

I went to IKEA today because I'm on a quest to make over my apartment. Collapse )

After the IKEA adventure my father wanted to borrow my car, so I picked him up and he asked if I wanted to go sailing in two weeks. Oh my god, WANT. So much. I just don't know if I can get off work. Not because of vacation days, but because there's so much to do and everyone is running ragged. I'm sure as hell going to try, though, because I'm thinking two weeks sailing from Martinique to the Azores would be one of those things I'll regret if I don't do it. Even if it would probably mean missing most of the season finales.

(By the way, this icon? With John and Aeryin in the row boat? Was the closest I could get to the boat thing. Unless I'd gone with the Titanic icon, but that's inside, and also, big as it is, the sailboat is closer in size to the row boat than the Titanic.)

I was also extremely bad and read the spoilers for the GG finale. What can I say? I just don't care anymore. Like, at all. And the spoilers didn't change my feelings one way or the other.